Agatha Christie

New Netflix Agatha Christie adaption sets Mia McKenna Bruce and Martin Freeman on the case

How to Have Sex star Mia McKenna Bruce will take the role of classic Agatha Christie character Bundle Brent in The Seven Dials Mystery, alongside Helena Bonham Carter and Martin Freeman.

Lady Eileen ‘Bundle’ Brent is the unassuming amateur investigator at the heart of two of Christie’s murder mysteries, They Do it With Chimneys and The Seven Dials Mystery.

Anjelica Huston stars in BBC’s sun-soaked Agatha Christie adaption Towards Zero

Adapted from Christie’s 1944 novel of the same name, Towards Zero sees a deadly love triangle form at a coastal mansion after childhood sweethearts Nevile Strange (Jackson-Cohen, Haunting of Hill House) and Audrey (Lily Hyland, Black Doves) decide they need a divorce. Unfortunately for the two of them, Nevile is a tennis superstar, and this sends them into the 1936 version of tabloid scandal.

Broadchurch creator to adapt Agatha Christie’s The Seven Dials Mystery for Netflix

Together with Chibnall’s screenwriting, Suzanne Mackie (The Crown) will executive produce the series with Good Omens’  Chris Sussman. Chris Sweeney (The Tourist, Back to Life) will direct.

There is no word on how closely the team will adapt the book, as recent adaptions of Agatha Christie’s work have opted to update the material for modern audiences.

Channel 4 commissions Alan Carr’s Adventures With Agatha Christie

Credit: Channel 4

As a long-time fan of Christie, Carr is off to discover the places that inspired one of the best-selling novelists of all time.

His journey will celebrate Christie’s novels that are uniquely British in a way that is hard to find in modern Britain today. 

Full of adventures, glamour, twists and turns, Carr escaped into Christie’s novels while growing up in Northampton in the 1980s. 

BBC One announces cast for Agatha Christie adapation The Pale Horse

The Pale Horse cast (Credit: BBC)

The two-part thriller follows Mark Easterbrook (Rufus Sewell) as he investigates a mysterious list of names discovered in a dead woman’s shoe.

Easterbrook’s search for answers leads him to the unusual village of Much Deeping and The Pale Horse, the home to a group of suspected witches.

Rumours have circulated the town that the witches are responsible for the disappearances of wealthy relatives using dark magic yet Easterbrook remains adamant that there are rational explanations to solve these mysteries.

BBC announces new Agatha Christie thriller The Pale Horse

Agatha Christie (Credit: BBC)

The story – first published in 1961 – will be adapted for TV by the writer Sarah Phelps, who has previously adapted Christie’s novels, And Then There Were None and The Witness For The Prosecution.

The Pale Horse is a shivery, paranoid story about superstition, love gone wrong, guilt and grief. It’s about what we’re capable of when we’re desperate and what we believe when all the lights go out and we’re alone in the dark," says Sarah Phelps, who also serves as an executive producer.

Filming starts on Agatha Christie adaptation starring Toby Jones

Bringing together the creative team behind the broadcaster's recent retelling of Christie's And Then There Were None, the new two-part drama will be produced by Mammoth Screen and written by Sarah Phelps.

Starring Toby Jones as solicitor John Mayhew, the plot follows the court case of Leonard Vole, heir to a large fortune, who is charged with killing his benefactor Emily French.

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Meanwhile gang-master and pimp Fagin has arranged for street girl Nancy to visit Marley for his evening’s entertainment.

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