Sherwood series two adds stars from Black Mirror, Game of Thrones and Top Boy

Series one of the RTS Award-winning drama saw two murders tear apart a Nottinghamshire mining village, revealing tensions that had been dormant since 1984. The miners who were on strike and those who crossed the picket line were still at odds four decades later.

When a union man was killed by an arrow, more killings followed in its path as the community unravelled.

James Graham’s Sherwood to return for a second series

The first series, which concluded yesterday, launched to over six million viewers.

It followed two shocking murder investigations which shatter the community of Sherwood, a Nottinghamshire village still divided by a Miners’ Strike that took place three decades before.

It is writer Graham’s most personal work, having been inspired by real events that occurred in his own home Nottinghamshire mining village.

First look image revealed for James Graham drama Sherwood

(Credit: BBC) Ian St Clair (David Morrissey), Julie Jackson (Lesley Manville), Kevin Salisbury (Robert Glenister)

The six-part drama is inspired by real-life events and takes place in the Nottinghamshire mining village where Graham grew up.

An already fractured community is completely torn apart when two tragic and unexpected killings lead to a massive manhunt to find the person responsible. 

Suspicion and antipathy begin to seep into the town, straining relationships between lifelong neighbours and towards the police forces. 

The killings threaten to reignite historic divisions sparked during the miners strike three decades before.