How Discovery Communications conquered the world

David Zaslav (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)

Since taking command at Discovery Communications in 2007, David Zaslav has conquered the world. The US giant now operates in 230 countries – and is still expanding.

Eurosport was added to its roster of channels in 2014 and the rights to the Olympics Games nabbed this summer.

“We are a global company and more global than any other media company in the world. We have more employees outside the US than we do in the US. We make more money outside the US,” said Zaslav.

Is American ownership of UK producers good for British television?

David Abraham and Nick Southgate (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)

There is little agreement about whether increasing US ownership of Britain’s independent sector threatens or sustains home-grown production and the UK’s unique creative culture.

A feisty session at the Convention, “Working for the yankee dollar? Consolidation and creativity”, offered conflicting views, not only on foreign ownership but also on the surprise review into the terms of trade announced by minister John Whittingdale the day before.

John Whittingdale: 'There is absolutely no prospect of the BBC being abolished'

John Whittingdale (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)

John Whittingdale was introduced by Convention Chair Tony Hall as “a rare beast, a politician who watches television”, and he began his speech by reminding delegates that, for him, this convention was no baptism of fire.

His first appearance at Cambridge came 12 years ago as Shadow Secretary of State for Culture; he had set up his own panel to review the future funding of the BBC. Then, as now, the corporation’s Charter and licence fee were the key issues on the agenda.

Boom Bust Boom

It is a skillfully woven story, brought to life with animation and puppetry that both pokes fun and unravels economic conundrums.

The screening took place in mid-September during the Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival at the Watershed in Bristol, in association with the Bristol Festival of Ideas and the RTS.

Audio Post Production Masterclass

Pro Tools demonstration

Will be conducted by an Avid specialist revolving around Pro Tools version 12 within a Post Production environment. Avid’s flagship control console, the Pro Tools | S6, will also be on show.

Post Production - audio dissection of a scene

Paul Wilson will open of his dubbed scenes for discussion. This will involve the audio techniques employed to enhance a selected scene of Paul’s choice.

Loudness Specifications for Television