Humans: what would you like your synth to do?

Humans: what would you like your synth to do?

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Ahead of next week's Humans: Anatomy of a Hit event, we asked what tasks you would give to your synth.

In Humans, the Channel 4 hit drama, the latest must-have gadget is a synth, a life-like humanoid who undertakes a range of tasks around the home.

From companionship to carrying out domestic duties, we asked members of the public what they would like their synth to do.



After the first series of the sci-fi show broke records for Channel 4, it was recently announced that Humans would be returning for a second series.

You can get the inside scoop on the making of the programme, as members of its cast and crew dissect the show to find out what made it resonate with audiences.

Tweeting about the event, the show's leading star Gemma Chan, who will join Tuesday's panel, wrote:

Tickets are still available for a chance to hear Gemma Chan, writers Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent, and executives from Channel 4 and production company Kudos on Tuesday 27 October.

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