What I’m watching with...the writers of Humans

What I’m watching with...the writers of Humans

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Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley tell the RTS what they have seen on telly this week

From writing about what happens in a fictional five star luxury hotel to artificial intelligence, Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley have had a successful career in British television writing.

In 2009 the pair received their first drama credit for BBC One's Hotel Babylon. 

A year later they began writing episodes for BAFTA winning Spooks (MI-5) and soon became the programme’s leading writers.

Now they are the writers of sci-fi Channel 4 show Humans, which explores the presence of synths (human-like-robots) in people’s homes. 

The duo attended this week’s RTS event, Humans: Anatomy of a Hit, where they teased audiences about what to expect in the new series.

Here they explain why Sky Atlantic’s The Leftovers and BBC One’s River caught their eye this week.


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