Will smart machines out-create us?

Demis Hassabis (Credit: RTS/Paul Hampartsoumian)

Television creatives let out a collective sigh of relief as artificial-­intelligence expert Demis Hassabis ruled out the possibility of computers taking their jobs from them any time soon.

“We are a long way from machines being truly creative,” said the co-founder of machine-learning start-up DeepMind Technologies. But, Hassabis warned: “I don’t think it’s impossible.

What I’m watching with...the writers of Humans

From writing about what happens in a fictional five star luxury hotel to artificial intelligence, Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley have had a successful career in British television writing.

In 2009 the pair received their first drama credit for BBC One's Hotel Babylon. 

A year later they began writing episodes for BAFTA winning Spooks (MI-5) and soon became the programme’s leading writers.

Now they are the writers of sci-fi Channel 4 show Humans, which explores the presence of synths (human-like-robots) in people’s homes.