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E4 commissions Walk of Shame Shuttle

Black cab

Walk of Shame Shuttle will see daring party animals in need of a lift home reveal details of their most outrageous nights out during a confessional taxi ride. The open passengers will reveal their wildest stories to a cast of shuttle drivers Jay, Max and AJ, who act as personalised chauffeurs and agony aunts as they delve into their hilarious confessions and exploits without judgement.

Ed Stafford: self-shooting masterclass

In 2008, equipped with cameras from Ginger TV, Stafford left the Peruvian Andes to begin a 6,000-mile quest to walk the Amazon. Two and a half years later he reached the mouth of the river and, despite receiving just “half a day’s filming training on Streatham Common” before he started, Stafford had enough footage for a two-part series, Walking the Amazon, which was shown on Channel 5 and Discovery in 2011.