Married at First Sight UK

E4 announces a new bumper series of Married at First Sight UK

Credit: All 4

The new series will be supersized to 30 episodes and is part of a multi-series deal between E4 and CPL Productions. 

A new batch of hopeful singles will be looking for their happy-ever-after and ready to walk down the aisle and meet a complete stranger before saying I do.

Married at First Sight UK was All 4’s third most streamed series of 2021 and brought in the largest share of young viewers watching any TV channel from 9-10pm. 

Married at First Sight: E4’s big day

(credit: Channel 4)

Critics might argue that the global reality show Married at First Sight makes a mockery of marriage. But, perhaps, behind all the make-up, fake tans, glamorous honeymoons and emotional drama sits a programme that, ultimately, provides people with the opportunity to find love and friendship.  

An RTS Futures event in October heard how the UK version of the show, launched originally on Channel 4 in 2015, evolved in its latest, sixth series into a beefed-up incarnation on E4, where it has become the channel’s most successful show of 2021.  

Married At First Sight UK is returning with a brand new makeover

Credit: Channel 4

The new UK series will introduce a new group of singletons looking for love and their happy-ever-after but with a complete stranger. 

Similar to the Australian version, the couples will not be bound by legal marriages but instead will make lifelong commitments to one another in a wedding-like ceremony, in front of their friends and family, complete with dancing, speeches and cake. 

The real test will come after the celebrations are over and the couples must navigate their new relationship, going on a luxury honeymoon and then moving in with each other.