What’s on TV This Week: 18th September – 24th September

What’s on TV This Week: 18th September – 24th September

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Monday, 18th September 2023
Mawaan Rizwan and Russell Tovey in Juice (Credit: BBC/Various Artists Limited/Liam Daniel)

School is in session for the Sex Education students, 16 new singles take a matrimonial gamble in Married at First Sight and five comedians take on the Taskmaster.

Married at First Sight UK


E4, 9.00pm

Credit: E4

Matched scientifically by a panel of experts, these unlucky-in-love singles are about to get luckier - they are about to marry their potential life partners. Whether they’ve been married three times already or have never been in a relationship before, the eight new couples are now all going through the exact same experience.

After meeting at the altar, they will jet straight off on their honeymoon, before returning to the UK to live together. They will meet each other’s families, talk finances, and learn how their new partner copes with intense drama.

Each couple has the chance to leave the experiment during the regular ‘commitment ceremonies.’ However, if one of them wishes to continue, they both have to stay and give it another go for another week.



BBC Three, 10.00pm

Mawaan Rizwan (Taskmaster) stars in his own creation – a quirky LGBTQ+ comedy that features his real-life mother Shahnaz Rizwan (Hounslow Diaries) and brother Nabhaan Rizwan (Industry), as well as Russell Tovey (Him & Her) as his older new boyfriend.

Jamma (Mawaan Rizwan) has always craved attention but has found his mother and brother to be scene-stealers. When he finally starts to receive validation from his new relationship with Guy (Tovey) the comedy drifts into chaotic surrealism; when Guy tells Jamma he loves him, the walls literally start closing in, when he escapes a conversation by diving under the covers, he falls into a tunnel of blankets.

Chris Packham: Time to Break the Law?


Channel 4, 9.00pm

Credit: Channel 4

Chris Packham is at a crossroads. After a lifetime of belief in peaceful protest, his mind is beginning to change, questioning if illegal acts and more drastic measures are now justifiable in the face of the ever-worsening climate.

This one-hour documentary examines his changing beliefs and personal relationship with the environment. He faces up to his fear of imprisonment, and the fact that if he took more radical measures, he would lose his BBC platform and his voice.

Taskmaster (S16)


Channel 4, 9.00pm

A new set of comedians and television personalities are ready to take on the Taskmaster, Greg Davies (Man Down), and his right-hand man ‘little’ Alex Horne (The Horne Section), all for the chance to win a gold effigy of Greg Davies’ head.

Julian Clary (Celebrity Big Brother), Lucy Beaumont (Meet the Richardsons), Sue Perkins (Great British Bake-off), Susan Wokoma (Cheaters) and stand-up comedian Sam Campbell will compete in one of television’s most serious and competitive game shows. Together they will take on complicated tasks such as ‘see how far you can propel this pea’ or ‘find out the content of these five pies without breaching the pastry’.

Tasks like these saw Juice’s Mawaan Rizwan try to fill an egg with helium under the assumption it would float and use a rubber duck to ‘properly vanish’ a cow, back in series 10.

Sex Education (S4)



It’s another year of school for the Sex Education students, but this time at a whole new, more progressive, sixth form college. Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), regularly disputed king of sexual education for students and staff alike, has his throne threatened once again. The new sixth form has an actual sex therapist to usurp him, played by Doctor Who’s Thaddea Graham.

As Otis gets used to no longer being an only child, his mother Jean will be reeling from her break up with Jakob, after the revelation that their baby has a different father. Meanwhile, Maeve (Emma Mackey) will be starting her new life in America at Wallace University, tutored by renowned author Thomas Malloy, played by Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy.

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School is in session for the Sex Education students, 16 new singles take a matrimonial gamble in Married at First Sight and five comedians take on the Taskmaster.