fixed rig

W commissions second dose of Dr Christian series

Dr Christian returns to his clinic with a team of medical professionals, to help patients with pressing medical issues.

The matters Dr Christian will be tackling range from complex psychological concerns to fertility problems and body image issues.

The series is filmed using an extensive network of fixed-rig cameras, allowing viewers to be a fly on the wall in Dr Christian's clinic.

Over three million people tuned in to the first series.

E4 commissions Walk of Shame Shuttle

Black cab

Walk of Shame Shuttle will see daring party animals in need of a lift home reveal details of their most outrageous nights out during a confessional taxi ride. The open passengers will reveal their wildest stories to a cast of shuttle drivers Jay, Max and AJ, who act as personalised chauffeurs and agony aunts as they delve into their hilarious confessions and exploits without judgement.

Channel 4 commissions first 'full human body rig'

24 Hours Inside Your Body will follow three volunteers across one day, using the latest forensic filming techniques in what the broadcaster has called the first ‘full human body rig’.

Using video footage and data taken from a supersized ‘fitbit’ worn throughout the day, scientists will track the volunteers’ movements to see how things such as their sleeping position, their diet and their jobs affect their health.

Tips in 60 seconds... How to succeed in fixed rig

Fixed rig is an increasingly popular way of story telling in television and, as Channel 4's Commissioning Editor David Brindley points out, an excellent way of breaking into factual and documentary programming. In this video David offers his best tips on getting a job with the huge production teams, and how to excel once your on board.

At Channel 4 David is responsible for developing and refreshing flagship documentary series such as One Born Every Minute, 24 Hours in A&E and First Dates.