Walter Presents

French thriller Killer by the Lake to premiere on Channel 4

(Credit: Channel 4)

Created by Jeanne Le Guillou and Bruno Dega, the series revisits detective Lise (Julie De Bona), whose happy family life is interrupted when two women are discovered dead within two days.

After solving the disappearance of teenage girls by Lac de Sainte-Croix three years previously, Lise has moved 200 miles away to Lac d’Annecy with her husband and son. The family's rural idyll is shattered as Lise is placed as lead detective on the new murder case.

Meet Dragomir Mrsic: the bank robber-turned-TV star

Dragomir Mrsic stars as crooked cop Alex Leko in Swedish drama Alex (Credit: Global Series Network)

A stolen car sits, boot open, guarded by one man. A short distance away, two other masked men are carrying out the biggest robbery in the history of Sweden.

They tackle two female guards and crack open the safe of an armoured transport car, stealing away with around 730 million SEK, although much of it in unusable government bonds.

Three days later the men board a plane in Copenhagen having purchased round-the-world tickets costing over 55 000 SEK for the three.

One of those men, the man who stood guard while the robbery took place, is Dragomir Mrsic.

Young and Promising: On following your dreams, and letting them go

Gine Cornelia Pedersen, Siri Seljeseth and Alex Gjerpen (L-R) (Credit: NK/ALL/Walter Presents)

Succeeding in the creative industries takes as much luck as it does talent and dogged determination. But ultimately someone does make it. Why couldn’t that be you?

That is the central question of Young and Promising from All 4’s Walter Presents.

Foreign dramas head to Channel 4, More4 and BBC Four

Locked Up - Channel 4

Walter Presents is also bringing back successful Spanish prison drama Locked Up.

The first series proved popular last year, with Walter Iuzzolino of Walter Presents telling the RTS that the day after the show launched online, “something like 11 000 people had already burned through the entire [series]”

The show, he said, “is “really different. It’s really Hispanic. It’s very technicolour. It’s fun. It’s very sweaty. It is Spanish exuberance!”

Inglorious Basterds star Til Schweiger fronts new Walter Presents series

Starring German megastar and Hollywood actor Til Schweiger (Inglorious Basterds, This Means War), Nick’s Law follows lone wolf detective Nick Tschiller as he takes on the Astan clan, the gang at the heart of Hamburg’s criminal empire.

After moving his family to Hamburg for a fresh start, it doesn’t take long before Tschiller’s (Schweiger) all-guns-blazing approach lands him in hot water with the District Attorney.

French political thriller Spin to make a dramatic return on More4

Speaking at the premiere of the new series, held at the Institute Français in London, Walter Iuzzolino of Walter Presents revealed that Spin will be taking the Friday night slot in the weeks surrounding the French presidential election this year.

The series, he said, was a building block for the entire Walter Presents project. “It was the first show we bought for the UK, and it was the first show we bought for our US launch and so it’s the brick on which we built the whole thing.”

Walter Presents to premiere new drama Case on Channel 4

From director Baldvin Zophoniasson (Trapped), comes hit thriller Case, which tells the story of deep-rooted abuse and corruption within Reykjavik. 

It all begins with the discovery of a young ballerina found hanged on the main stage at the National Theatre. The incident is deemed a suicide, but three determined individuals believe there is another story to be told and not everything is what it seems.

On a mission to uncover the truth of what really happened, their paths will cross as their investigations uncover crimes worse than murder.