NFTS - Cameras, Sound and Vision Mixing for Television Production

Andy Hope, course leader for the Cameras, Sound and Vision Mixing Diplomas at the NFTS, talks about this exciting area of the television industry and what the NFTS course could do for your career. Having worked in the music and television industries for 30 years, Andy’s career has spanned roles as a Music Recording Engineer, to Producer, TV Sound Supervisor and TV Director. This session was part of the RTS Futures Careers Fair 2022.

RTS Student Craft Skills Masterclasses 2021


Mark Davey is a camera operator at ITN. Presenting the news camera masterclass, he told the RTS audience that sound journalistic skills, the ability to form good relationships and a keen logistical sense were all essential for his job. Davey, ITN reporter Robert Moore and producer Sophie Alexander were the only news crew to film inside the US Capitol in January 2021, when pro-Trump insurrectionists stormed the building claiming that the presidential election had been stolen from them.  

The sounds of BBC's Normal People

Niall O’Sullivan recorded the location sound, which Steve Fanagan mixed in post-production – along with added dialogue, Foley sounds, music and sound effects – to create the final sound.

Fanagan described his task as one of “creating a world soundwise that feels truthful to the world portrayed on screen”.

Two clips illustrated the work of the sound specialists. The first – Marianne and Connell’s first romantic encounter in the former’s family home – was recorded by O'Sullivan with two boom microphones.

Sound masterclass with Matt Bacon and Kate Davis

Matt Bacon and Kate Davis (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)

Davis received a Bafta nomination this year for her work on the BBC Four documentary Amy Winehouse: Back to Black. Bacon specialises in formatted and entertainment series such as Channel 5 reality show The Bachelor and the BBC’s Masterchef.

RTS East visits the virtual landscape with Dr Nick Lodge

Covering a lot of ground from the humble cathode-ray tube to the latest 8k displays, Lodge explained what it takes to make a production truly immersive – so the scene feels as real as if viewers were seeing it with their own eyes.

The viewers’ vision is filled with what’s playing out before them; cuts, mixes and zooms don’t make sense in this environment. The production needs to find other ways to lead them from one scene to the next.

RTS Student Masterclasses 2018: from journalism to camerawork

Ruth Pitt, Pia Di Ciaula and Rick Barker (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)


Clive Myrie

Journalist and presenter, BBC News

In an era of widespread concern about fake news, trusted and experienced correspondents such as the BBC’s award-winning Clive Myrie are more important than ever.