RTS Student Programme Masterclasses 2020 | Journalism

Watch the Journalism Masterclass below.

Mobeen Azhar, Journalist and Film Maker (Hometown, A Black and White Killing: The Case that Shook America, Webcam Boys, Muslims Like Us) shares his tips on how to break into the industry and talks about his 15 years of experience working in journalism, specialising in areas such as religion, extremism and counter extremism, drugs, addiction, sex work, Prince and Pakistan.


RTS Student Craft Masterclasses 2020 | Cinematography

Watch the Cinematography Masterclass on below.

Georgina Kiedrowski, Self-Shooting Producer (The Island, Race Across the World), and Nicola Daley, Director of Photography, ACS (The Letdown, Harlots) will share their knowledge and experiences of working in the camera department on documentaries, dramas and factual entertainment for shows such as The Island with Bear Grylls, Race Across the World, Harlots and The Letdown.