Our Friend in Hollywood: Jonathan Shalit

Headshot of Jonathan Shalit with Grey Background

Hollywood has provided me with truly memorable moments: drinking tea with Prince and Mariah Carey after the 2007 Grammy Awards; having breakfast with Danny DeVito and Charlotte Church in 1999, the year she had two double platinum CDs in the US; and lunching with Dame Joan Collins at the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge.

Then there was being guided round a Hollywood studio by Mel Brooks; seeking bootleg CDs with Island Records founder Chris Blackwell in Venice Market stalls; and celebrating my good friend Simon Cowell being honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

NBCUniversal's Linda Yaccarino: Our audience is not declining, it's just dispersing

Linda Yaccarino (Credit: NBCUniversal)

Don’t expect Linda Yaccarino to be intimidated by Facebook or Google or any of the other ­Silicon Valley behemoths. This highly experienced US media executive is renowned for her tough negotiating skills and uber-­competitiveness. Not for nothing is the NBCUniversal executive, who reports directly to Comcast chief Steve Burke, known among Manhattan media types as the Velvet Hammer.

Danny Dyer presents new gameshow The Wall

Danny Dyer (Credit: BBC)

The Wall sees pairs of contestants answer questions that combine knowledge, strategy and luck that can either lead to colossal wins or heart breaking losses.

Legendary broadcaster Angela Rippon will read the questions for the six-part series.

With life-changing prizes on display, contestants won’t just require the correct answers, but also the right bounces and unflinching trust in one another.

Channel 4 acquires US hit comedy black-ish

Currently in its third season in the US, the show stars Anthony Anderson (Kangaroo JackThe Departed) as Andre Johnson, a middle-class father of four who is afraid he and his family have lost sight of their culture as black Americans living in a white suburban neighbourhood. The series follows Andre's attempts to reclaim his family's heritage and encourage his children to celebrate their roots.

Kevin MacLellan: a global player

Kevin MacLelland (Credit: NBCUniversal)

The Chair of this year’s RTS London Conference, Kevin MacLellan, the London-­based Chairman of International at NBCUniversal, is proof that talent and hard work, rather than privilege and well-placed connections, can take you to the top of the entertainment industry. 

His blue-collar Brooklyn background was about as far as you could get from Hollywood or downtown Manhattan. MacLellan’s family expected him to follow in his father’s footsteps: they wanted him to work for the local phone company. He saw his future differently.  

The secrets of NBC Universal's success

Steve Burke (Credit: NBC Universal)

With a diverse portfolio, strong profit growth and numerous divisions breaking records, it has been an amazing few years for NBCUniversal since Comcast’s acquisition. What do you credit for this level of performance?  

A Our performance over the last five years has exceeded our expectations. Since Comcast acquired NBCUniversal in 2011, we have doubled our cash flow and almost every part of our company is firing on all cylinders. 

Sky Sports to air Sunday night NFL Matches

Sky Sports has been awarded exclusive rights to the NFL’s Sunday night football games for two years.

Previously broadcast by Channel 4, Sky Sports will now air two early kick-offs on Sunday at 6pm and 9pm culminating with a midnight game.

In addition to this are the Monday Night football games alongside regular Thursday games.

(Picture from Channel 4: Nat Coombs, left, and Mike Carson host Channel 4's NFL coverage)

Viewers will now be able to watch over 100 games each season on Sky Sports with additional digital and On Demand offering.