Kevin MacLellan

Kevin MacLellan: Technology is the great instigator of media

I see technology as the great instigator of media – it is the pebble disturbing the surface of the pond. Decades of technological developments have enabled new ages of media. More recently, the [near ubiquity] of broadband has been a major agent.…  

Two-way communication with audiences has led to advanced methods of search and discovery, news and review, video serving, data collection and programmatic ad targeting.… 

Kevin MacLellan: a global player

Kevin MacLelland (Credit: NBCUniversal)

The Chair of this year’s RTS London Conference, Kevin MacLellan, the London-­based Chairman of International at NBCUniversal, is proof that talent and hard work, rather than privilege and well-placed connections, can take you to the top of the entertainment industry. 

His blue-collar Brooklyn background was about as far as you could get from Hollywood or downtown Manhattan. MacLellan’s family expected him to follow in his father’s footsteps: they wanted him to work for the local phone company. He saw his future differently.