Mental Health

Dr Alex to front a new mental wellbeing digital series

Credit: ITV

The series will encourage young people aged 16-34 to embrace ways that help them get through life’s tough times. 

How We Move will see the UK’s Youth Mental Health Ambassador Dr Alex George discover the different ways in which people handle dark points in their life.

Influencers, broadcasters and actors from different cultures and communities will discuss their quirky coping mechanisms. 

In the first episode, Dr George will speak to actress Evanna Lynch about how she likes to do handstands and read mundane Amazon product reviews to cope with hard times. 

Mental health in the TV industry after covid

The Film and TV charity has just published Looking Glass ’21, a follow-up to its 2019 research that exposed a mental health crisis in the film, TV and cinema industry. The RTS invited the charity’s CEO, Alex Pumfrey, to discuss the latest findings with other industry professionals, including Philippa Childs, head of Bectu, Lucinda Hicks, CEO of independent production company Banijay, which includes more than 24 labels, and Alicia Dalrymple, junior production manager at Dragonfly and a Channel 4 Production Scheme alumna.

Mental Health in Film and Television After Covid

The Film and TV Charity recently published Looking Glass ’21, a follow-up to its 2019 research which uncovered a mental health crisis in the film, TV and cinema industry. At this special panel session, the charity’s CEO, Alex Pumfrey is joined by Head of Bectu, Philippa Childs, CEO of Banijay, Lucinda Hicks and Alicia Dalrymple, Junior Production Manager at Dragonfly to discuss how Looking Glass ’21 acts as a temperature check for the industry as it emerges from the pandemic.

BBC Three announces mental health documentary with James Arthur

The incredibly personal documentary, James Arthur: Out of Our Minds (working title), will take place in the Northeast where Arthur grew up and has returned to after many years living in London.

Middlesbrough born singer Arthur will be open up about his mental health problems and issues he has had with antidepressants as he prepares to go out on tour. 

A government review discovered that 7.3 million, around 17% of the adult population are taking anti-depressants.

BBC Children in Need announce new documentary Dr Alex: Our Mental Health Crisis

Credit: BBC/Dragonfly Film and Television Ltd/Ryan McNamara

Dr Alex George will follow the personal journeys of young people from all over the UK who are living with mental health issues. 

Many children and young people are feeling the short, medium and long-term impacts of poor mental health and emotional wellbeing, effects which have been made worse by the pandemic.

Produced by Dragonfly North, George will uncover the range of mental health problems young people are facing and how BBC Children in Need funded projects and other charities are helping make a tangible change.

Joe Wicks to explore mental health in new BBC documentary

Joe Wicks (Credit: BBC)

Over the past year, Joe Wicks has had a meteoric rise from an Instagram famous health and fitness guru, to a beloved national treasure. 

During the pandemic, Wicks kept millions fit with his online PE classes and won over the country with his positive attitude, enthusiasm and charm. 

However, Wicks did not have an easy start in his life, he grew up with parents who struggled with their mental health. 

His mother experienced acute OCD and his father suffered from heroin addiction.