digital series

Dr Alex to front a new mental wellbeing digital series

Credit: ITV

The series will encourage young people aged 16-34 to embrace ways that help them get through life’s tough times. 

How We Move will see the UK’s Youth Mental Health Ambassador Dr Alex George discover the different ways in which people handle dark points in their life.

Influencers, broadcasters and actors from different cultures and communities will discuss their quirky coping mechanisms. 

In the first episode, Dr George will speak to actress Evanna Lynch about how she likes to do handstands and read mundane Amazon product reviews to cope with hard times. 

Extreme athlete George King to front Channel 4 digital series Illegal Activities

In the four-part series, King will explore the dangerous world of Kambo ceremonies, lift surfing, car meets and mines. 

King is no stranger to dangerous activities, with the urban free climber having made international headlines in 2019 for climbing The Shard without ropes. 

The short-form digital series will see King meet other young risk takers who enjoy pushing themselves to the limit with perilous and at times illegal activities, discovering what motivates them to put themselves in such danger.