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Channel 4 wins big at the Grierson Awards

Grayson Perry at the Grierson Awards

Channel 4 swept the boards at last night’s Grierson Awards, which celebrate documentaries that have made a significant contribution to the form.

RTS award-winner Grayson Perry was crowned Documentary Presenter of the Year for his Channel 4 series Who Are You? with Grierson Trust chairman Lorraine Heggessey calling Perry a national treasure who “is an interviewer who gets under the skin of his subjects and an artist who captures their essence.”

Meet the 10 contestants finding love in BBC’s I Kissed a Girl

The I Kissed… series debuted last year, making headlines for its steamy shower scenes, introducing the UK to the word ‘Masseria’ (Italian for farmhouse), and plenty of – as the title suggests – kissing.

Bad Education’s Layton Williams has passed his role as the show’s narrator to TikTok celesbian Charley Marlowe. The Liverpudlian social media star has made a name for herself through her exuberant comedic interviewing style.

Stars from Barbie, Sex Education and Miranda cast in new BBC comedy Daddy Issues

Aimee Lou Wood (Sex Education) stars as 24-year-old Gemma, recently cast out of her young-wild-and-free lifestyle, after discovering she is pregnant from a one-night stand.

David Morrissey (Sherwood) enters the picture as her father Malcolm. Recently left in the lurch as his now ex-wife jets around the world discovering herself on their life savings, he is unable to do basic household tasks and struggles to boil an egg.

Aimee Lou Wood and Ralph Davis co-create BBC rom-com Film Club

Lou Wood stars as Evie, who hosts a film club for her friend Tom every Thursday at 9.00pm. Each week, she transforms her garage into the perfect setting to watch the film of choice – for Wizard of Oz, a yellow brick road, for Alien, a spacecraft. She tells herself it’s because she loves the movies, but she is secretly harbouring a love for Tom.

Casting announced for new Daniel Lawrence Taylor comedy Boarders

Boarders will follow five black teenagers from underprivileged backgrounds who receive scholarships to an elite boarding school, St Gilberts. Leaving their homes in inner-city London for the roller-coaster of boarding school, they go on personal journeys and find out how the other half live.

Two of the lead actors, Sekou Diaby and Aruna Jalloh, will be making their screen debuts alongside Josh Tedeku (A Town Called Malice), Jodie Campbell (Bulletproof), and Myles Kamwendo (The School for Good and Evil).

Zara McDermott to investigate Ibiza for new BBC Three documentary series

Over four parts, Zara McDermott: Inside Ibiza (working title) will grant viewers unprecedented inside access to the island and its characters.

Having holidayed in Ibiza many times since she first visited in 2019, the former Love Island contestant now wants to discover what draws her and so many others in, and how the place is changing as it looks to attract more upmarket clientele.

BBC announces I Kissed a Boy spin-off series I Kissed a Girl

I kissed a girl is written in neon pink writing over a purple background

Pop icon, LGBTQ+ ally and self-proclaimed “fairy-godmother/cupid” Dannii Minogue will return to host the new series, which will see the female contestants journey to Italy to test their chemistry with a kiss.

Minogue will match the contestants herself before they enter the Masseria (an Italian farmhouse), where they will greet each other with a kiss on first meeting, before even having spoken to each other.

This is designed to test their chemistry before they get to know each other on a deeper level.

Happy Valley's James Norton joins third series of BBC comedy Jerk

Joining Renkow, who stars as Tim, a man who uses his cerebral palsy to get away with saying and doing just about anything, are James Norton (Happy Valley), Lee Ridley (Christmas Comedy Club With Lost Voice Guy), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones's Diary), Lydia Fleming (In from the Cold) and Gary Beadle (Andor).