Mawaan Rizwan’s Juice to return for a second instalment

Mawaan Rizwan stands in front of a black backdrop, arms spread wide and mouth open in shock. 'Juice' is written in yellow text next to him

The sitcom was created by and stars Mawaan Rizwan as Jamma, as he tries to get noticed in all aspects of life. His brother Isaac (Nabhaan Rizwan) has been outshining him at work, which is the only thing Jamma feels any good at. Meanwhile, mum Farida (Shahnaz Rizwan) only cares about one thing: herself. Some comfort comes in the form of Jamma’s boyfriend Guy (Russell Tovey), but that often isn’t enough to stop the world sliding into an bizarre alternate reality. 

Mawaan Rizwan on early work, writing for Sex Education, and creating his own BBC sitcom

Rizwan seemed to jump on the YouTube wave as the tide was coming in, just as ‘YouTuber’ became a valid career path. The videos are up for anyone to see, on his channel, named MAWAAN. Many of them date back more than 10 years ago and hold enticing titles such as Human Burp-Box or Princess & the Piss. Anyone alive in 2013 will be glad to see Mawaan and his mother Shahnaz Rizwan’s rendition of the Harlem Shake is very much alive, kicking, and boasting nearly 100,000 views - offering a nostalgic view into decade old meme-culture.