I Kissed a Girl

Meet the 10 contestants finding love in BBC’s I Kissed a Girl

The I Kissed… series debuted last year, making headlines for its steamy shower scenes, introducing the UK to the word ‘Masseria’ (Italian for farmhouse), and plenty of – as the title suggests – kissing.

Bad Education’s Layton Williams has passed his role as the show’s narrator to TikTok celesbian Charley Marlowe. The Liverpudlian social media star has made a name for herself through her exuberant comedic interviewing style.

BBC announces I Kissed a Boy spin-off series I Kissed a Girl

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Pop icon, LGBTQ+ ally and self-proclaimed “fairy-godmother/cupid” Dannii Minogue will return to host the new series, which will see the female contestants journey to Italy to test their chemistry with a kiss.

Minogue will match the contestants herself before they enter the Masseria (an Italian farmhouse), where they will greet each other with a kiss on first meeting, before even having spoken to each other.

This is designed to test their chemistry before they get to know each other on a deeper level.