Meet the 10 contestants finding love in BBC’s I Kissed a Girl

Meet the 10 contestants finding love in BBC’s I Kissed a Girl

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Thursday, 25th April 2024
Cara, Abbie, Fiorenza, Naee, Meg, Demi, Amy, Lisha, Georgia, Priya (Credit: BBC/Two Four)

The first ever UK gay dating show is back, and this time the girls are getting a shot at love.

The I Kissed… series debuted last year, making headlines for its steamy shower scenes, introducing the UK to the word ‘Masseria’ (Italian for farmhouse), and plenty of – as the title suggests – kissing.

Bad Education’s Layton Williams has passed his role as the show’s narrator to TikTok celesbian Charley Marlowe. The Liverpudlian social media star has made a name for herself through her exuberant comedic interviewing style.

Marlowe says: “So, funnily enough, the BBC had only one rule about I Kissed a Girl, and that was to find the sexiest northern lezza they could get to voiceover the show!

“Bingo, they found Marlowe and hit the jackpot. So, my job as voice over is to provide another layer of queerness to the series. You’re not only watching lesbians, but you’re listening to them as well.”

I Kissed a Girl will see 10 lucky girls travel to a brand new upgraded Masseria, where presenter and self-described “queer cupid” Dannii Minogue will match-make them.

When they meet their potential future partner, they skip the small talk and kiss. After this icebreaker, they can formally introduce themselves, and start deciding whether they want to stay paired up.

The couples will get the opportunity to switch up their couples at regular ‘kiss-offs’, where they will stand back-to-back with their current partner, and only turn around for a kiss if they see the relationship lasting.

Let’s meet the 10 singles ready to find love.

Abbie, 24 (she/her)

Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist


(Credit: BBC/ Two Four)

Abbie’s dream is to be a WAG, and to have the sporty-masc girlfriend to go along with the title. In the dating world, Abbie finds that people don’t naturally assume she is a lesbian due to her “long blonde hair and feminine clothes,” so she constantly has to come back out of the closet.

Her red flags include people who get into relationships too quickly, so this one month dating process might be hard for her.

Amy, 24 (she/her)

Social Media Manager


(Credit: BBC/ Two Four)

Amy came out at 21 and describes herself as both a “femme for femme” lesbian and a “gay man trapped in a lesbian’s body”.

She’s hopeful she’ll meet her “princess” in the Masseria and go back to her London home lucky and in love.

Cara, 25 (she/her)



(Credit: BBC/ Two Four)

Cara is bisexual and finds it hard in the dating world, as she’s often seen as a fetish for men or too straight for women.

She says she’s still learning lesbian lingo so let’s hope this baby gay will u-haul out of the Masseria with her perfect stud, stem or lipstick lesbian.

Demi, 23 (she/her)

Publishing Executive

Hemel Hempstead

(Credit: BBC/ Two Four)

Demi hasn’t had many relationships yet and worries she might make a fool of herself in the initial kiss by tripping over. Coming out of the closet has its challenges for Demi as she comes from a traditional Nigerian household, and her dad found her sexuality difficult to accept.

I Kissed a Girl gave Demi the opportunity to be “one hundred percent unapologetically myself.”

Fiorenza, 22 (she/her)



(Credit: BBC/ Two Four)

Fiorenza drums for Glasgow-based rock band Uninvited, who won BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge competition in 2022 with their single Behind the Black Door.

Fiorenza is the only single member of her band and wants to come home with a femme girl groupie with a sense of style.

Georgia, 28 (she/her)



(Credit: BBC/ Two Four)

North Yorkshire born and bred Georgia is a professional footballer who has played for teams like Sheffield United Women FC. Her career has taken her all over the world, so she hasn’t had much time for dating, and she’s currently in a year-long dry spell.

Georgia finds herself attracted to femmes, so maybe Abbie will get her WAG fantasy after all.

Lisha, 22 (she/her)


Psychology Undergraduate

(Credit: BBC/ Two Four)

Football fan and psychology student Lisha came out at the age of 13 and hasn’t looked back.

Lisha says she tends to take the more dominant role in relationships, and tends to be attracted to femme girls, raising the question: does her type match her tattoo?

Meg, 24 (she/her)


Fire Breather

(Credit: BBC/ Two Four)

Meg is a dancer and fire breather who often leaves her hometown of Goole, West Yorkshire, to share her talents around the world.

Although she is a performer for her job, in her day-to-day life she is not so fiery and prefers staying home to partying. Her friends call her “Mama Meg,” as she’s the homebody of the group.

Naee, 25 (she/her)



(Credit: BBC/ Two Four)

Buckle up ladies, as this fairground ride engineer is taking you on a not-so bumpy ride.

Naee wants a girl she can treat like a princess, which includes doing pretty much everything like carrying bags, opening doors and caring for them. She quite likes being the passenger princess, though, and likes a girl to get behind the wheel.

Priya, 23 (she/her)


Hotel Customer Service

(Credit: BBC/ Two Four)

Growing up mixed-race and queer in South Wales made dating hard for Priya – she once ended up setting her Tinder distance to America in the hopes a bigger catchment area would find her a girlfriend.

Priya is looking forward to representing her Punjabi community in the Masseria, being very proud of her dual white and South Asian heritage.

Eva, 22 (she/her)


Fashion Graduate

(Credit: BBC/ Two Four)

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that this is an 11th contestant, when the list clearly states 10. That is because Eva is not an OG cast member, but the first of many bombshells entering the villa to shake things up.

Coming in shortly after the girls have settled into their pairings, Eva’s job will be to steal half a couple, or risk heading straight back home to England.

I Kissed a Girl will air on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer on 5 May 2024.

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The first ever UK gay dating show is back, and this time the girls are getting a shot at love.