Dannii Minogue

BBC announces I Kissed a Boy spin-off series I Kissed a Girl

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Pop icon, LGBTQ+ ally and self-proclaimed “fairy-godmother/cupid” Dannii Minogue will return to host the new series, which will see the female contestants journey to Italy to test their chemistry with a kiss.

Minogue will match the contestants herself before they enter the Masseria (an Italian farmhouse), where they will greet each other with a kiss on first meeting, before even having spoken to each other.

This is designed to test their chemistry before they get to know each other on a deeper level.

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Queer Eye's Fab Five. Credit: Netflix

Sam Thompson: Is This ADHD?


Channel 4, 9.00pm

Sam Thompson facing camera sat on sofa
Credit: Channel 4

Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson has spent most of his life forgetting appointments, losing car keys and having an inordinate amount of energy. After years of friends, girlfriends and family suggesting he shows signs of ADHD, Thompson has decided to seek a diagnosis.