From the page to the screen

The November London Centre event – “It started with a book” – examined how books are adapted for the telly, drawing lessons from three very different projects.

The Hank Zipzer books for children – written by Henry Winkler, who played the Fonz in vintage US sitcom Happy Days – have been turned into a returning CBBC series.

Walker Productions Managing Director Helen McAleer, who had seen Winkler play Captain Hook in pantomime, was determined to make a version with the actor.

The pay-TV guru returns

Gary Davey, Sky, television,

Gary Davey is one of pay-TV’s most experienced executives. He was part of the team that launched Sky TV in the late 1980s. Now, after holding senior positions in Sky Italia, Sky Deutschland and Star TV (when he was based in Hong Kong), he is back in the UK. He was appointed Sky’s Managing Director for Content in January 2015.

BBC to show new darts tournament

It will include the top eight players from the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), which is the leading body in the sport. The top two players from each group will battle it out to win the title. 

BBC Director of Sport Barbara Slater said: "Darts has always had wide appeal and it is great that audiences will get the chance to see all the action from the world's top players live on BBC Two and across our platforms."

Highlights: In conversation with.... Sky's Managing Director of Content Gary Davey

Watch highlights from the Royal Television Society's Early Evening Event with Sky's Managing Director of Content Gary Davey which was chaired by Sugar Films' Managing Director Pat Younge.

During the event Davey said that TV channels are here to stay when Younge asked about whether Sky are worried about the competition from Netflix and Amazon.

Sky 'not worried' about competition from Netflix and Amazon says Gary Davey

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Speaking at an RTS Early Evening Event Davey said that despite the proliferation of ways of watching content linear channels would continue to survive. 

“Channels will always be around. | cannot see a future where they don’t exist,” said Davey, a pay TV veteran who was part of the team that helped establish the pioneering satellite broadcaster in the early 1990s.  

“There is a revolution going on but it’s happening a lot slower than people think…

Sky Arts to air pan-Europe photography talent show

Sky, Sky Arts, Isabella Rossellini, photography, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Simon Frederick and Oliviero Toscani

Master of Photography will be an eight-part series which will include photographic challenges across Europe to test the competitors' range of styles and disciplines.

The programme has been created by the new Sky Arts Production Hub, based in Milan, which creates arts shows for viewers across the UK and Ireland, Italy, Germany and Austria.

Sky and CBS sign major programming deal

Showtime, CBS, Sky

The deal, which Sky's Gary Davey called “one of the most important content deals Sky has ever agreed”, will give customers access to hit shows like Twin Peaks and The Affair.

This is the largest and most expansive international deal to date for CBS subsidiary Showtime, and marks the first time the US channel's content have been licenced to a single media company across multiple European territories.