Behind the Scenes: The One Show

In this episode, as part of our Behind the Scenes series, we take a look at the production process at The One Show. Known for its topical magazine style and famous guests, The One Show is hosted by Alex Jones and former Blue Peter star Matt Baker. The team bring daily live entertainment to our screens, so join us to see how they bring the show to life. 


New Directions in Immersive Entertainment by Dr Nicolas Lodge

When our senses are stimulated by wide-angle displays, spatial audio systems, smells, forces and compelling content, we can quite easily be encouraged to switch out of the real world and become part of the on-screen action, perhaps experiencing sweating and a rapid heartbeat as if we really were in a car chase. But how can we best trick the senses in order to harness this ‘immersive’ effect for entertainment purposes? How can we avoid feelings of sickness? What kind of production grammar is appropriate?

ITV launch the ITV Hub this year

ITV will merge their website, TV outlets and on-demand service under the ITV Hub.

The service will give viewers the ability to watch and catch up on shows in one place.  

This will also be the first time that episodes of Family Guy and American Dad will be available on-demand without subscription.

Figures from ITV reveal that 30% of their online usage is from live streaming, which will be the main service of the Hub.

Tips in 60 seconds...How to pitch an entertainment idea

David Williams is the Creative Director of Entertainment North at the BBC.  Based at Media City, Salford, he is responsible for developing entertainment shows across all BBC channels. While doing this, he also works on Dragon's Den and has been responsible for Junior Doctors: Your Life In Their Hands.  Here he gives us his unique insight into pitching your own idea to people like him.