Channel 4 to explore the history of homosexuality in Britain

Alan Turing (Credit: WikiCommons)

The channel will uncover the history of homosexuality laws and the evolving perceptions of homosexuality in Britain over the last 50 years in four documentaries and a collection of shorts.

Rob Coldstream, Commissioning Editor, Special Factual said: "History can tell us as much about the present day as it does about the past and I’m thrilled to announce this slate of programmes – it's incredibly wide ranging but at its heart is brilliant new journalism, and a fresh lens onto the past that offers new insights into our own times."

Levison Wood: "I’m done with walking"

Levison Wood walks through Central America (Credit: Simon Buxton / Channel 4)

In 2014 he walked the length of the Nile, and the following year trekked from Afghanistan to Bhutan across the Himalayas. He’s just returned from his latest expedition, a four month walk through Central America from Mexico to Colombia, passing through the notorious Darien Gap.

“I’m pretty lucky because I’ve kind of got everything that I could ever have dreamed of in terms of my career,” says Wood during a break between recording voice overs for his new series Walking the Americas.

Tea Break Tips - Storytelling Through Editing

Bonnie Rae Brickman is a New York-born film and TV editor with over 25 years’ experience, much of it in news and documentary. Her work has been honoured with four Emmy Awards and screened at film festivals worldwide. Bonnie currently teaches editing on the Ethnographic & Documentary Film MA programme at University College London. She shares tips on the art of telling stories through editing.

Ed Stafford: Treat the camera like your friend

Ed Stafford spoke to the Cavendish Conference Centre in Marylebone about his experience as a self-shooting adventurer and presenter of survivalist programmes.

His hit series Naked and Marooned saw him spend 60 days in total isolation, without any tools, on a tropical island. The RTS Futures event saw former Discovery Channel commissioner Elizabeth McIntyre quiz Ed on how he got started and his tips for the RTS Futures audience.

New Adam Curtis film HyperNormalisation comes to iPlayer

(Credit: BBC)

HyperNormalisation will explore the time of uncertainty we currently live in, where even those in power don’t know what to do.

The documentary is inspired by the unpredictable events of recent times – from the rise of Donald Trump to Brexit, the war in Syria, the endless migrant crisis, and random bomb attacks.

It seeks to explain both why these chaotic events are happening, and why we and our leaders can’t understand them.

The Polygamist comes to Channel 4

The Polygamist (w/t) takes a peak at the daily rituals and practices of 15 families living in a small township, whose homes are carved into the face of a vast sandstone rock and where more than half of residents are involved in 'plural marriages'.

The four-part series is produced by KEO Films, who made the refugee documentary The Exodus: Our Journey To Europe for BBC2 and current Channel 4 reality show Eden

Levison Wood explores the Americas for Channel 4

Levison Wood in the Himalayas (Credit: Channel 4)

The former army officer will begin his 1700 mile journey in the north-eastern tip of Mexico, heading through eight Central American countries before reaching the Darien Gap where he hopes to pass into Colombia and South America.

The Darien Gap has long been a pull for explorers.  The 10,000-square-mile expanse of wild tropical forest stretches from Panama to Colombia and is a refuge for outlaws and dangerous wildlife.

Wood has previously lived in Mexico and trained with the British Army in Belize, but the rest of the trip will see him visit new territory.

BBC orders slate of new documentaries

London ambulance (credit: Flickr/eastleighbusman via Creative Commons)

Speaking about the films, to be shows on BBC One, Two, Three and Four, Patrick Holland, BBC Head of Commissioning, Documentaries, said: “We are delighted to announce such a diverse and distinctive range of films from such a terrific group of programme-makers. The variety of stories and filmmaking approaches shows the ambition we have at BBC Documentaries. What unites these projects is the desire to find the very best ways to tell the most important and engaging stories."