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Jamali Maddix to meet leaders of the fringes in new Dave docuseries produced by Louis Theroux

A headshot of English comedian Jamali Maddix, wearing a black shirt and glasses

Across four parts, Follow The Leader with Jamali Maddix will see the comedian meet and observe leaders of fringe communities on the rise, aiming to find out what drives them, and why they attract so many devout followers.

Maddix said: "I've always been fascinated by cults and sub-cultures - people that choose to live as 'other'. Comedians are typically outsiders and I've made a career from observing people's behaviour and nuances from this perspective.

BBC Factual confirms second series of Louis Theroux Interviews

Louis Theroux and Dame Judi Dench laughing on a sofa

The first series saw him use his immersive filming style to host intimate chats with some of the world’s biggest stars, including Stormzy, Dame Judi Dench, Yungblud, Bear Grylls, Katherine Ryan and Rita Ora.

With numerous viral moments resulting from the first set of episodes, including Stormzy’s discussion of his dating life and Dame Judi Dench’s witty rapport with Theroux, the series garnered an average audience of 2.1m in the first seven days.

Race Across The World and Louis Theroux Interviews among new BBC Factual and Arts slate

When showcasing the new series at a special event, Kate Phillips, BBC Director, Unscripted, said: “From stand-out documentaries like the Real Mo Farah and Freddie’s Field Of Dreams, to the BBC Proms and the launch of Frozen Planet II, the team here are at the very top of their game, bringing audiences high impact, uniquely public service content at its very best.

Louis Theroux interviews Stormzy for new BBC series

The Louis Theroux Interviews (w/t) will see the filmmaker talk to celebrities for one-on-one interviews and behind the scenes conversations, painting intimate portraits of some of entertainment’s biggest names.

The first episode will see Theroux accompany British musician Stormzy on tour and at home for unique and in depth conversations, allowing viewers to see him like they never have before.

Louis Theroux said: “I’m so excited to be embarking on this new series - something very different to the kind of TV I normally make.

BBC Factual confirms new Louis Theroux series Forbidden America

Louis Theroux (credit: BBC)

Looking at the impact of social media and the internet in some of the most controversial corners of American entertainment, Forbidden America will see Theroux travel the length and breadth of the United States meeting an assortment of content creators.

From promoters of far-right views to self-destructive performers, and in some cases alleged predators, Theroux will explore the motivations driving the performers whose work involves promoting and enacting the most risqué, immoral and illegal behaviour.

Alice Levine to present new Channel 4 series Sex Odyssey

(credit: Channel 4)

Sex Odyssey (w/t) is going under the sheets to find out how lockdown has affected Brits’ sex lives, and whether Britain will finally shake off old sexual conventions when things return to normal.

Since lockdown, British internet searches for sex toys have increased by 900%, and subscriptions to webcam services have gone off the charts. Levine, the co-creator of the hit podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno, will be travelling up and down the nation to meet the adventurous people pushing the boundaries of sex, intimacy and relationships.

BBC Two announces Louis Theroux: Life on the Edge

Louis Theroux (Credit: BBC)

The four-part series delves into over 60 hours of Theroux’s catalogue of innovative and distinctive documentaries, exploring topics such as mental health, those engaging in unusual lifestyle choices and people who live on the fringes of society.

The documentary features interviews with Theroux and sees him catch up with some of his most famous contributors whose lives have panned out in some surprising and unexpected ways.

Ear Candy: Grounded with Louis Theroux

It is his first foray into the world of celebrity since the TV series When Louis Met…. As he and his guests navigate the new territory of remote interviewing, his signature silences could be mistaken for a Zoom glitch or a phone delay.

Theroux kicks off the series with a conversation with his professional rival, documentary-maker Jon Ronson.

They discuss their shared TV experiences and some of Ronson’s notable career moments. These include trying to organise a night in a haunted house for Robbie Williams.

Editing masterclass with Emma Lysaght and Matthew Gray

Matthew Gray and Emma Lysaght (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)

How to get into editing: Emma Lysaght: “I left school at 16. My father was a film editor so I grew up watching my dad cut film. It was something I’d always wanted to do.

“It was quite a male environment, I was very nervous and very shy. I didn’t get into the cutting room until I was 19. My dad knew of one female editor.

“She needed an assistant so I stepped in and became her assistant. Within the first few months I was cutting news for Channel 4, which was very pressurised but you know exactly what you’ve got to do in those three minutes.