Ear Candy: Grounded with Louis Theroux

Ear Candy: Grounded with Louis Theroux

Monday, 8th June 2020
Louis Theroux (Credit: BBC)
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In his new podcast, documentary-maker Louis Theroux uses his trademark infectious curiosity to explore the lives of some of the world’s most recognisable faces.

It is his first foray into the world of celebrity since the TV series When Louis Met…. As he and his guests navigate the new territory of remote interviewing, his signature silences could be mistaken for a Zoom glitch or a phone delay.

Theroux kicks off the series with a conversation with his professional rival, documentary-maker Jon Ronson.

They discuss their shared TV experiences and some of Ronson’s notable career moments. These include trying to organise a night in a haunted house for Robbie Williams.

Theroux has since welcomed the likes of Boy George, Helena Bonham Carter, Lenny Henry, Rose McGowan and KSI to the podcast.

The celebrities share stories from their lives and careers. We learn of McGowan’s experiences of growing up in a cult, how the alternative comedy scene changed Henry’s life, and why YouTuber KSI was already fully adapted to working online even before the lockdown started.

From Boy George “isolating” alone to Bonham Carter on the challenges of co-parenting, Theroux’s guests offer an intimate look at their daily lives and how they have adapted to the new normal.

Don’t miss Theroux’s bonus “lockdown kitchen disco playlist”, which includes some surprising rap entries.

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