Ear Candy: Inside Inside No. 9

Ear Candy: Inside Inside No. 9

Wednesday, 9th June 2021
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The comedy anthology Inside No. 9 is notoriously always one step ahead of its audience.

So, if ever the fans of a TV series might have pleaded for a podcast that deconstructs each episode, Inside Inside No. 9 answers that call.

Becoming even more granular than the series itself, the two creators and stars, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, dissect each episode after it has aired.

Every week, the masters of mis­direction are joined by a different member of the Inside No. 9 team to talk about the making of the programmes.

Series composer Christian Henson has revealed how he achieves the show’s huge variety of musical tone while obeying strict rules on musical genre; Jon Plowman has explained what the role of an executive producer involves; and guest star Kevin Bishop has shared some of the downsides of acting wearing masks in Wuthering Heist.

Shearsmith and Pemberton provide entertaining detail on the inspiration for each story – often a melange of real-life experiences and awkward anecdotes – and how it was produced.

Such teardowns include the uncomfortable experience of an up-and­-coming actor using a family’s house as a green room, depicted in Hurry Up and Wait.

The comedy duo give texture to the throwaway comments and small details you might have missed on TV, such as where the mysterious hare was hidden in each episode. This, of course, refers to the small Easter egg containing a statute of a hare featured in every episode.

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