A feast for our ears: on the boom of media podcasts

Which are your go-to podcasts? The chances are that at least one is on media and entertainment. According to Ofcom’s latest survey, it is the number-one genre, at least for the under-50s, and the choice is ever widening.

In less than a year, The Rest Is Entertainment, Off the Telly and a new, hour-long version of Radio 4’s The Media Show have come along, plus several others, including Media ­Confidential, and When It Hits the Fan.

Ear Candy: They Like To Watch

The two formed a double act to rival Tom and Greg, as hilarious in their marital banter as they were rigorous in their analysis, and far less toxic than the self-proclaimed Disgusting Brothers – but maybe just as bawdy.

It says a lot that HBO had its own official podcast for the show but that, come the final season, Lloyd and Barron were seemingly landing interviews with whomever they fancied.

Although I’m surprised that Jesse Armstrong braved an appearance after all of Barron’s creepy love letters to the unsuspecting showrunner.

Riding the audio wave: How podcasts are taking the media world by storm

This session explores the deepening relationship between the podcast and TV industries. Hearing from commissioning, production and IP experts from both the UK and US, the panel explores the latest trends, how to convert an idea from one medium to the other, how to commercialise content and what the future looks like for these industries.

Chaired by broadcaster and podcaster Anita Rani.


Declan Moore - Head of International Wondery

Louise Kattenhorn - Commissioning Ed, Podcasts BBC

Darrell Brown - MD What’s the Story

The serious world of podcasting

Ways to Change the World: Krishnan Guru-Murthy talking to Jameela Jamil (credit: Channel 4)

Podcasts are not all about comedy, true crime and self-help – increasingly, news and current affairs are fuelling the boom in the audio format.  

At the beginning of this month, the BBC’s Global News PodcastThe Economist Podcasts and The Rest Is Politics, which is hosted by New Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell and ex-Tory minister Rory Stewart, all featured in the top 10 most popular UK podcasts.  

Making Podcasts: A Mini Masterclass

With so many podcasts on the market, how do you make yours stand out? And what are the essential tips and tricks that will help you make your mark?

In this session, we hear from the brains behind some of the best podcasts of the past year:

Marianna Spring, BBC Disinformation Reporter & host of The War on Truth and Death by Conspiracy

Nina Hodgson, Senior Podcast Producer at Channel 4 News for The Fourcast and Ways to Change the World

Hosted by Ed Gove, Channel 4 News

How podcasts stole the TV star

My Dad Wrote a Porno (credit: Acast)

When BBC journalists Jon Sopel and Emily Maitlis announced they were following in the footsteps of Andrew Marr to join LBC and Classic FM owner Global and make a podcast, it left many people asking why – and wondering whether we have reached “peak podcast”. 

According to the most recent figures from Enders Analysis, podcast listening has almost doubled over the past four years – in an average week, just over 17% of the UK population listen to a podcast.  

Ear Candy: In Writing with Hattie Crisell

In each episode of In Writing, journalist Hattie Crisell seeks solidarity and insight from one of the best of any and all genres. Among the 25 to date are playwright and screenwriter Lucy Prebble, novelist David Nicholls and writer and performer Robert Webb. 

The interviews feel less like formal conversations than intimate visits. Crisell starts each one by asking the writer to describe their writing room. 

RTS Futures NI: Hit TV programme to binge-worthy podcast

“Focus on your audience and give them an elevated but inviting, stimulating, playful conversation,” said Lily Ames, Chalk & Blade’s head of production and culture.

Ames, a Canadian who has been based in London for the past six years, was talking at an RTS Futures NI event in late August to Conor Finn, creator and host of the Finnterviews podcast.

She described Chalk & Blade, whose clients include BBC Sounds and the Guardian, as well as brands such as Net-a-Porter, as a “boutique podcast production company”.

Ear Candy: Talking Sopranos

Thirteen years after the dramatic finale, co-stars Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa have reunited for Talking Sopranos, a new re-watch podcast that takes fans through each episode from the very beginning.

The pair recount behind-the-scenes stories, their favourite memories from filming and some surprising facts about the real mob lifestyle they portray on screen.

The friends give fans an insight into their own lives and friendship. They discuss their experiences in the TV industry and the intriguing characters they’ve met on their journeys to stardom.