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Apple TV+ reveals Noel Fielding as Dick Turpin in new trailer

Beside the Mighty Boosh star and Bake Off presenter, Bonneville (Downton Abbey) will play Turpin’s arch-nemesis, the self-appointed “thief-taker”, otherwise known as Jonathan Wilde.

When Turpin is appointed the unwilling leader of a group of bandits, he is sent on a bizarre journey of strange adventures. Turpin’s highway robbery success is mainly due to his good hair and charisma, but there is only so far this can get him when riding the rollercoaster of a life of crime and being chased by a “thief-taker.”

Susanna White's TV Diary

I’m writing and I love it. It started in lockdown. I was missing production, and someone suggested I write something to create a world I could control. I only wish I’d discovered it sooner. But maybe it’s only now that I feel there’s a lot of things that I want to say.

I’m working on a screenplay that is essentially my own coming-of-age story. One of the best moments in my career was when the BFI said it would fund development of the script. Now I must deliver it.

Apple to its core: the slow and steady rise of Apple TV+

Two statistics released in recent months have made people sit up and pay attention to the burgeoning progress made by the streaming service Apple TV+. In May, the Jason Sudeikis-fronted football comedy drama, Ted Lasso, became the first Apple show to feature in Barb’s SVoD average UK monthly audience top 20.

It came in at number 18, with around 963,000 viewers – well below the most-watched (Netflix’s Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, seen by around 3 million) but a milestone nonetheless.

Will Smith on Slow Horses, working with Gary Oldman and controlling the swear count

Slow Horses writer Will Smith

Having started his career in stand-up comedy before moving into screenwriting, his television career levelled up when he started working with legendary Scottish satirist Armando Iannucci in the mid-noughties. This collaboration led to a spot in the writers' room on Iannucci's seminal political comedy The Thick of It, where Smith also ended up on screen as Phil, the geeky and pompous special adviser.

Sharon Horgan on Bad Sisters, the brutality of sisterhood and series two

It is notoriously cold—James Joyce immortalised the patch of Irish Sea as "scrotumtightening" in Ulysses—and Horgan wasn't a wild swimmer at the time, but she managed to brave a dip.

The creative jolt came, however, when she noticed a group of women somehow holding their weekly catch up in the breathtakingly cold water. "I thought, 'that's where the girls will feel safe enough to talk about their murder plans'."

Rafe Spall talks Trying, the pressures of being a parent and the special lesson his dad taught him

Credit: Apple TV+

“Having kids isn’t easy. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, but boy oh boy does it up the stakes,” admitted Spall. 

The rocky road to parenting is explored in Apple TV+ series Trying, which is now in its third series. It tells the story of Jason (Rafe Spall) and Nikki (Esther Smith), a couple in their 30s who are desperate to become parents but are unable to conceive.