Paula Milne to adapt mystery novel Platform 7 for ITVX

The drama tells the story of Lisa, who, after witnessing a horrific event on platform 7 of a railway station, is made aware of a connection between her own life and that of the event.

Describing the series, Milne said: “This is no traditional ‘spooky’ ghost story. It’s the tale of a ghost on a quest to discover who she was and the events that led to her untimely death. Her story is a celebration of indignation versus passivity and truth versus lies.

ITV commissions Life and Limb: The Missing Millionairess and Vanishing Act

The ITV documentary Life and Limb: The Missing Millionairess from Freemantle’s Naked will explore the mystery of the disappearance of Melissa Caddick. 

Caddick was an Australian millionairess who left her home for a morning run in November 2020 but never made it home. 

Three months later a group of surfers on a beach 250 miles south of Sydney made the shocking and gruesome discovery of a washed-up trainer containing human remains.

ITV commissions dark comedy Passenger for ITVX

Written by Andrew Buchan (Broadchurch), the six-part series is set in the small northern village of Chadder Vale and follows a tight-knight community that is turned upside down when a series of strange and unnatural crimes begin to occur. 

Former Met Police Detective Riya Ajunwa has been working in the village for five years and is desperate for that one big case that will challenge her and make her feel alive again.