Meet the 16 contestants living under Big Brother's watchful eye

Meet the 16 contestants living under Big Brother's watchful eye

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Wednesday, 11th October 2023
Big Brother cast (Credit: ITV)

Big Brother is live on air (please do not swear) after five years off our screens. But a new look, a new channel, and a brand new house needs a new set of faces.

This year’s contestants include an array of personalities and regional accents – from DJs, to bingo-callers, to butchers, get ready to meet the participants of the ultimate social experiment.




The self-described ‘best gay in the village’, Jenkin hails from Bridgend and works as a barman, cleaner and bingo-caller. He applied to live in the Big Brother house because of boredom, and promises to bring gossip, and ‘the drams’ (presumably Jenkin’s special way of saying ‘drama’).




Jordan loved Downton Abbey as a child, and you can tell. Not only does he embody Lady Violet Crawley’s demeanour, but he also decided to copy their accents at a young age. When asked what he is most excited about he said “being fed and watered.”




Farida is proud to bring Asian and Muslim representation into the Big Brother house and onto British television. Alongside her faith, she will also be bringing her party attitude into the house, which originates from her time as a holiday rep in Gran Canaria.


Isle of Man


Matty is a hippie – and to him this means “the freedom to live, to work, to love, to eat from a bin, to do anything.” In Matty’s case, this means he is a doctor by day, and dances topless under the moon and stars at night.




Tom is a butcher who hates the feel of raw meat. He has entered the Big Brother house to have something “a bit different from [his] day to day life”, and also to sit and talk nonsense with his new housemates. 


South London


Hallie is no stranger to fame – she was once on the news because she ate some magnets and had to get them surgically removed. Hallie has already made waves this series as she came out as transgender on the first day in the house. This led to a wholesome sharing of pronouns and plenty of hugs.




Trish describes herself as "very left-wing", and her dream housemate would be Jeremy Corbyn. Or Cardi B.

Originally from Congo, Trish wants to use her time in the Big Brother house to “humanise immigrants and refugees”, and show a human face behind the “facts and statistics.”




Unlike Jordan, his posh accent is not copied from Downton Abbey but forged over years of living in the Cotswolds. Henry is a proud royalist who went to boarding school, and is hoping Big Brother will have a Matron-like figure waiting for him “to do his washing.” 




Yinrun has moved from Shanghai, China, to a town in the Yorkshire Dales. Her favourite British catchphrases include ‘chuffed to bits’, ‘bob’s your uncle’ and ‘nincompoop’. She hopes living in the Big Brother house will help her become more immersed in British culture, although she already drinks a cup of Yorkshire tea a day.




Zak grew up in the jungle in Thailand until he was 10, fishing and collecting snakes. After moving to England, he became a “cheeky chappy” who flirted with the dinner ladies in primary school, asking for extra chicken. Nowadays, he gets more for his good looks than just chicken through his work as a professional model.




Chanelle has a genuine answer to the question ‘what’s your favourite tooth?’

It’s a canine.

Although she applied to Big Brother as a joke, she’s now hoping to make friends for life and pay off some credit card debt. Oh, and she’s a dental therapist, which explains the tooth thing.




Dylan is a DJ who knows how to get the crowd going, so much so that he has LED lights in his prosthetic leg which he can operate with a remote. His fun fact about himself is that he appeared on The Last Leg… two years before he lost his leg!




Miss Universe, Great Britain 2022, is here to show you “women can do anything.” During lockdown she made and sold “crazy cakes”, but she now works in the male-dominated field of finance and is determined to break female stereotypes.




Kerry has always wanted to be on Big Brother but didn’t apply because the “whacking great big stairs” were inaccessible for her mobility scooter. No stranger to game shows, Kerry has previously appeared on Deal or No Deal, winning £35,000, and reckons she's a "force to be reckoned with" when it comes to taking Big Brother's £100,000 prize.




Olivia will cry if she hears bagpipes, but not for the same reason as most… for her it is a sense of patriotism. She plans to share her Scottish culture with her "Scottish songs," such as the stunning rendition of "Donald, where’s your trousers" that she bombarded her housemates with in the series’ second episode.




Paul is a man of many talents, he is a boxer (pre-professional), is a security officer (his actual job), and is good with the elderly (lives with his Grandad).

He also used to work in a club as a ‘hype man’. Here’s hoping he can join forces with DJ Dylan, and Fatima and her party attitude, and give the BB house some nights to remember.


Watch Big Brother Sunday - Friday on ITV2 from 9pm.

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Big Brother is live on air (please do not swear) after five years off our screens. But a new look, a new channel, and a brand new house needs a new set of faces.