The Crown

The Crown: From Storyboard to Screen

Taking any script and bringing the story to life on screen is no easy feat, and when the story is based on the most famous family in the world, the task carries an elevated sense of responsibility.

“We’re not just recreating history,” said The Crown's production designer Martin Childs.

“It’s our own version of the world – it’s not a documentary. We try and find the mood and tone of our version of it,” added costume designer Jane Petrie.

The Crown sets the bar for British drama

The Crown (Credit: Netflix)

Part royal soap, part British political lesson, The Crown is all first-rate drama. To mark the release of its second season on Netflix, a packed RTS pre-Christmas event at the House of Commons heard creator and writer Peter Morgan, executive producer Suzanne Mackie and director Philippa Lowthorpe discuss how they made the award-winning series.

Season 2 of The Crown, produced by UK indie Left Bank Pictures, begins with the Suez crisis in 1956 and ends with the Profumo affair in 1963.

Andy Harries' top tips for working in drama

Andy Harries in conversation with Alex Graham
Take your time: “If you are interested in television, you do not have to decide at this stage of the game what you want to do in TV – I have done almost everything … I don’t think it matters doing lots of different things until you finally settle … It took me some time to realise what I was really good at, which was producing.”

Olivia Colman set to play Queen Elizabeth II in recast of The Crown

Colman, best known for her roles in Broadchurch and The Night Manager, is the first star to be announced for the third series of the Netflix drama series.

The entire cast is set to be replaced for the next phase of the Queen's reign when the drama jumps ahead to 1960s Britain at the end of the second series.