Love Island

Tracking TV: Is this the end of the overnight sensation?

Ever since TV technology made it possible to measure overnight ­ratings, there have been some in the industry who wish it hadn’t. Programme controllers and advertisers have been accused of not giving new dramas or comedies or entertainment formats enough time to establish themselves. Journalists are blamed for rushing to judgement with headline-­grabbing claims that can damage a programme’s prospects.

Love Island 2017: Meet the contestants

Love Island is back for another series on ITV2.

Caroline Flack will introduce viewers to a fresh batch of singletons all in search of the summer of their lives, with passion, romance and drama from the beginning.

Last year, 1.5 million viewers tuned in to watch Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde win the show. This time round, the Love Islanders will be living in a brand new villa in paradise.

Becky Crosthwaite: Finding a place in reality TV

Becky Crosthwaite

There are so many different jobs in the reality TV field, from Story, Art, Gallery and Edit Producing to Directing, and the best way to get into the genre is usually as a Runner or Logger. When I started out in TV I didn't know games teams existed but I knew I wanted to work in a creative and ideas-based environment. I worked in a few development departments, but it was frustrating pouring my heart and soul into creating formats that sadly sometimes just wouldn't get commissioned. Then when I heard about games from a colleague, it was like fireworks going off in my head.

Love Island will return after reaching record viewing figures

Beating Channel 5 staple Big Brother in Monday night's ratings, the erotically-charged TV contest won 6.9% of the audience share with 1.3million viewers over BB's 1.2million.

ITV2 has already started looking for 2017's participants after announcing earlier this week that season 3 had the green light.

The show caused uproar among the viewing public for broadcasting sexually explicit encounters between housemates. Nonetheless, Love Island's audience peaked at 1.5million, improving on last year by 700k.