Grierson Trust

TV's top business leaders weigh in on future challenges

From left: Tony Hall, Andrew Griffith, Lorraine Heggessey, David Abraham, Dido Harding and Tom Mockridge (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)

Among the subjects they covered were the UK’s inadequate digital infrastructure, Netflix, Brexit and, inevitably, The Great British Bake Off. 

Matt Hancock’s speech in the previous session found favour with the panel. BBC chief Tony Hall welcomed the emphasis the Minister of State for Digital and Culture had put on “social and regional” diversity in television. 

Louis Theroux to win Grierson Trustees' Award

The Trustees’ Award recognises an outstanding contribution to the craft of documentary making and has previously been awarded to greats such as Sir David Attenborough and John Battsek.

Theroux, who has been involved in documentary making for more than 20 years, has participated in some of America’s strangest pursuits and explored some of the most important subjects of the modern day, including transgender children and alcoholism.

Announcing the award, Chairman of the Grierson Trust, Lorraine Heggessey says: "Louis is a filmmaker who has effectively created his own genre."