Game of Thrones

Creators reveal the magic behind Game Of Thrones artwork

Helen Thompson (Credit: Cilleán Campbell)

Supervising art director Paul Ghirardani – who brought one of his Emmy Awards with him – was joined by artist Daniel Blackmore and draughtsman Owen Black at the session, which was jointly hosted by Belfast Design Week.

The trio gave presentations about their roles in the art department, before the session host, Film Hub NI project manager Hugh Odling-Smee, led a panel discussion and Q&A with the 80-strong audience.

Belfast’s Titanic Studios has been the main studio and post-production facility for all eight series of Game of Thrones.

The golden age of adaptation

Vanity Fair (Credit: ITV)

"You have to remember what a partisan of the novel I am… and that it had long been one of my ambitions to have my novels defeat all attempts to put them on screen"

-Interview with Jonathan Franzen, New York Times, 26 June 2018

10 of the best Easter eggs from your favourite TV shows

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Alfred Hitchcock was the first filmmaker to widely use them, making cameo appearances in 39 of his films.

Over the years Easter eggs have become more complex and are almost a trademark for some series such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On the small screen they remain prolific in shows where the writers wish to give something back to their audience.

Whether it’s secret messages, inside jokes or obscure references, we’ve got a rundown of ten of the best Easter eggs from British TV.

Have we had enough of Game of Thrones-style medieval dramas?

It is said that costume suppliers can spot the next television trend by the sudden emptying of certain bins and racks. A run on tuxes and flapper dresses heralds more 1920s dramas in the schedules; a rush order for spats, monocles and driving goggles means that another PG Wodehouse dramatisation is on the way. 

Channel 4 Factual get into drama with Shamed

Shamed (w/t), which stars Game of Thrones actress Faye Marsay, centres around the cool and calm Sarah Ivy, whose world collapsed around her 10 years previously.

With the help of her brother she kidnaps two men, Nathan (Nick Blood - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) and Mani. The duo claim not to know Sarah or what she would want with them, however a connection is soon revealed...

Will the Game of Thrones spin-offs survive as it approaches its end?

In the first episode of the seventh, and penultimate season of Game of Thrones, a new character, played by Jim Broadbent, consoles those who are gloomy about the terrible freeze descending on Westeros: “Every winter that ever came has ended.”

This moral may also contain a ­message for fans melancholy at the impending end of the fantasy war drama itself, as it seems increasingly likely that the final wintry showdown will be followed by a creative spring.

First look at Game of Thrones season 7

While audiences eagerly wait for the upcoming season, Sky Atlantic has released a new trailer to give an idea of what's to come.

Winter has arrived and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) has set sail for the Seven Kingdoms, with Jon Snow (Kit Harington) being named King of the North.

Deceptive Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) has seized the Iron Throne for herself and the Night King has gathered his undead forces for the ultimate war.