Sian Clifford

Thomasin McKenzie, Sian Clifford and Jessica Hynes to star in Life after Life

Thomasin McKenzie (Jojo Rabbit), Sian Clifford (Fleabag), James McArdle (Man In An Orange Shirt), Jessica Brown Findlay (Brave New World) and Jessica Hynes (Years and Years) will lead the cast.

McKenzie stars as Ursula Todd, the child of Sylvie (Clifford) and Hugh (McArdle), who first dies during birth one night in 1910.

On the same night, Ursula is reborn and lives. But time and time again, she will live and die in different circumstances.

Trailer released for Maisie Williams drama Two Weeks To Live

Maisie Williams (Credit: Sky)

The six-part series was created and written by Gaby Hull and is produced by Kudos part of Endemol Shine.

Maisie Williams plays Kim Noakes, a misfit and loner who was raised single-handedly by her mum, after her dad died under suspicious circumstances when she was young.

In response to his death, her mum Tina (Sian Clifford) pulled Noakes away from mainstream society into a rural life in seclusion, forced to learn bizarre survival techniques.

A first look trailer has been released for ITV drama Quiz

Matthew Macfadyen (Credit: ITV)

The series, adapted from Graham’s play of the same name, explores the story of the ‘coughing major’, which saw Charles (Matthew Macfadyen), Diana Ingram (Sian Clifford) and Tecwen Whittock (Michael Jibson) cheat their way to a million pounds on the quiz show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

The “audacious heist” took place in 2001, when Major Ingram was a contestant on the show and with the help of his wife Diana and accomplice Whittock, navigated the notoriously difficult quiz to win the top price.

James Graham explores the story behind the Coughing Major in his new drama

James Graham

James Graham was an undergraduate at Hull University when he became fascinated by daily press reports of the trial of a respectable home counties couple accused of cheating their way to the top prize in ITV’s Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? At the time, Millionaire was one of the biggest shows on TV, achieving audiences of more than 8 million; at its peak, an incredible 19 million tuned into the programme.

First look at new Sky comedy starring Maisie Williams

Kim Stokes (Maisie Williams) in Two Weeks to Live (Credit: Sky/Nick Wall)

The drama follows strange young misfit Kim (Williams), who was just a child when her father passed away in mysterious circumstances.

Following the tragedy, Kim was whisked off to a secluded setting by her mother Tina (Sian Clifford) and raised with a bizarre set of survival skills.

Now an adult, Kim journeys out into the real world to fulfil a secret mission to honour her father’s memory.