First Dates

Event Report: First Dates Uncovered

First Dates C4

The Twenty Twenty Television production is that rare thing among dating shows – it wants audiences to like, not laugh at its lovelorn participants.

“The programme comes out of the docs department of Channel 4 so it’s not an entertainment programme, although it is entertaining,” said Sayers, who produces the series. “As much as it’s about love, dating and the funny, flirty, sexy things happening in the restaurant, it’s a documentary about people.”

First Dates has this amazing way of tackling big topics and themes,” she added.

First Dates: The art of casting

This couple are having a baby after meeting on C4's hit show First Dates (Credit: Channel 4)

To get ahead in casting, you fundamentally have to love people. You have to love talking to people, but most importantly you have to love listening to them. After five years in such a challenging and exhilarating industry, I feel that casting is something I have taken to strongly – and I think the real secret to success is being able to find that piece of yourself, however small it is, that connects you to someone else.

First Dates: Top Moments Round-up

First Dates Channel 4

Now in its sixth season, First Dates captures the pursuit of love along with the sparks or burns that can emerge from being on a first date with a stranger. The series has seen many ups, downs, tears and laughter, so we've rounded-up some of the notable moments that have happened so far.

Scott proposes to Victoria

They met three weeks prior and immediately got on like a house on fire, proceeding to move in together. You've got to love the ring he gave her... one of a kind.