Doctor Who

Launch date announced for Doctor Who spinoff Class

The show launches with a double episode, released simultaneously on the channel.

Class is set in Coal Hill School, a regular time-travelling hotspot since the Doctor first arrived there in 1963.

Years of time travel have caused the barrier between space and time to wear dangerously thin, and something frightening has been waiting on the other side…

The series is darker than previous Doctor Who spin off The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures, and is suggested to be more in line with adult sci-fi hit Torchwood.

Face to face with casting director Andy Pryor

Andy Pryor, Casting, Doctor Who

At its most basic casting involves finding actors to play roles in TV and film, however there is far more to it as it is one of the few television roles that seems to bridge the creative and the technical sides of television.

“It’s very much a taste-based role” Andy says. “What people don't see is the enormous amount of work that you put into casting a show – in terms of researching and trying to pull the whole thing together, getting the right people seen, managing expectations and then negotiating the artists contracts.”

Doctor Who casting director introduces new companion, Pearl Mackie

Doctor Who, TARDIS, Pearl Mackie, Peter Capaldi

The RTS sat down with Doctor Who casting director Andy Pryor who has worked on the show since it was resurrected in 2005. He gave us the low-down on the new face in the TARDIS.

Since the departure of Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman, at the end of the last series, the Doctor has been flying alone. Coleman has gone on to play Queen Victoria in the forthcoming  ITV drama Victoria, hitting screens later this year. 

BBC to reveal new Doctor Who companion

Doctor Who, Dr Who, Peter Capaldi, Clara Oswald, Jenna Coleman

The reveal will be made during half-time of the FA Cup semi-final Match of the Day Live: Everton vs Manchester United at around 18.00GMT.

The new companion will star alongside current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, who plays the 12th iteration of the character.

The new companion replaces outgoing character Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman, who was written out of the series in the Christmas 2015 special.

How to revive a hit

Top Gear

As the cost of failure in TV gets ever higher, particularly in drama, it is no surprise when commissioners turn to the past to fill tomorrow’s schedules. Some of these second-life shows become huge hits.

Poldark returned from 1975 to score as one of the biggest new dramas of 2015. Some reboots, such as Doctor Who, become such an established part of the TV landscape that it’s hard to believe they ever went away. Others, such as ITV’s revival of Stars in Their Eyes last year, misfire.

BBC Three heads to Class with Doctor Who spin off

Class, BBC Three, Katherine Kelly

Coal Hill School has been a regular site of alien activity since Doctor Who began in 1963, and all those years of time-travel have caused the barriers between time and space to start wearing dangerously thin, and something frightening is waiting on the other side.

This young adult drama is being created by young adult writer Patrick Ness, and will star The Night Manager, Happy Valley and Mr Selfridge actor Katherine Kelly as a Coal Hill teacher.

Five comedies to watch out for in 2016

Kerry Howard, Russell Howard,

Witless – BBC Three

Starring Him & Her actress Kerry Howard, this show follows two women who enter witness protection after witnessing a gangland shooting. However creating a ‘new you’ is harder than you might think. Leanne leaps at creating herself as the ultimate diva, while Rhona finds every lie terrifying. 


Your new favourite TV dramas of 2016

Beowulf, ITV



Churchill’s Secret - ITV

This one of TV film stars Harry Potter actor Michael Gambon as Winston Churchill. In 1953 Winston Churchill has the first of several strokes which was kept secret from the world. Told from the perspective of his young nurse, Churchill fights to recover, all the while holding tight to the reins of the nation, refusing to relinquish his Prime Ministership.



This week's best on demand TV

London Spy, Ben Whishaw, spy, espionage,

1. London Spy

Available on BBC iPlayer

The show ended in revelatory fashion this week on BBC 2. Written by Tom Rob Smith, it tells the story of Danny, played by Ben Whishaw (James Bond), who falls in love with a mysterious man, Alex (Edward Holcroft – Kingsman: The Secret Service, Wolf Hall.) After Alex disappears Danny begins to look into the life of his partner, revealing a twisted tale of murder, betrayal and espionage. A fantastic supporting cast including Jim Broadbent and Charlotte Rampling enhance this tense thriller.