Peter Capaldi's best bits from Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi's best bits from Doctor Who

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Tuesday, 31st January 2017
Doctor Who, TARDIS, Pearl Mackie, Peter Capaldi
Stage actor Pearl Mackie will be stepping into the Tardis in 2017 (Credit: BBC)

Peter Capaldi is stepping down as the Doctor after three series at the helm of the Tardis. 

The upcoming series will be Capaldi’s last as the irascible Twelfth Doctor. He said “From our brilliant crew and creative team working for the best broadcaster on the planet, to the viewers and fans whose endless creativity, generosity and inclusiveness points to a brighter future ahead. I can’t thank everyone enough. It's been cosmic."

The upcoming series will also be the last for showrunner Steven Moffatt who is giving up the mantle to Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall. 

Capaldi will be joined in the new series by new companions Bill (Pearl Mackie) and Nardole (Matt Lucas).

Moffat added, "Peters’ amazing, fiery, turbulent Doctor is still fighting the good fight, and his greatest adventures are yet to come. Monsters of the universe, be on your guard - Capaldi’s not done with you yet!"

Ahead of his final series, we take a look at five of his stand-out moments.

1. Meet the Doctor


Our first glimpse of those famously craggy eyebrows is enough to send shivers up your spine – if you are a particular fan of craggy eyebrows of course. If not then perhaps the sight of all 13 iterations of the Doctor working together to save Galifrey from the Daleks - including the late great John Hurt.


2. Lessons in Love


River Song has had a tough time of it. That’s the tricky thing about living in a different timezone to your husband, just ask the Time Traveller’s Wife. For this, their last night together, the Doctor has booked them the best table in the universe.


3. It's so profound


Breaking the fourth wall is nothing for a man/alien/timelord who jets about through space and time – but breaking the fourth wall AND blowing your mind…? Who really composed Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony?


4. Bird is the word


“Personally I think that’s a hell of a bird” cries the Doctor. The Doctor is trapped in a maze, and relentlessly pursued by a faceless entity known as the Veil. The Doctor is every bit the tragic hero as he tries time and again to break free of this inescapable prison.


5. Shut up and drive


Desperate times lead to uncomfortable bedfellows. As Clara teams up with Missy, the Doctor takes Davros’ wheels for a spin. Admit it, you want a go.


And finally... He's all over the place!

Capaldi's visits to the Who-niverse haven't been limited to his time in the Tardis. We first saw him in Pompeii as Lucius Caecilius Iucundus, who the Doctor saves from a fiery doom. He then popped up in Torchwood: Children of Earth as unlucky permanent secretary John Frobisher who is ordered to turn his children over to a group of aliens known as the 456. 


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Peter Capaldi is stepping down as the Doctor after three series at the helm of the Tardis.