Doctor Who’s scariest monsters

Doctor Who’s scariest monsters

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Friday, 30th October 2020
Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

Doctor Who has caused fans many a sleepless night, with the Doctor going up against some nightmare-inducing monsters. 

From the iconic Daleks to invisible creatures with the power of possession, here are some of the worst creatures you wouldn’t want to be trapped in a room with.

Weeping Angels

The number one rule when it comes to the Weeping Angels is to never look away. The terrifying species is almost as old as the universe itself and scares even the famous Doctor.

The Angels can only move when no living creature, including their own kind, looks at them. As soon as you look away, however, the Angel is able to move large distances and very quickly, even if you simply blink.

If an Angel touches you, they can send their victim back through time, consuming the potential life energy from the lives their victims would have led.

The Angels can also feed on other types of energy like radiation and if they have enough energy they can sneak up behind their victims and snap their necks.

The Angels are so dangerous, the image of an Angel can itself become an Angel and if a victim looks at one in the eyes, it can infect their visual centres and take over the victim’s mind, eventually killing them by escaping the victim’s body.

The Daleks

The Daleks are best known for their trademark expression “exterminate” and are one of the most feared races in the universe.

No matter how many times The Doctor stops them, they always come back with a vengeance, making them one of The Doctor's greatest foes.

Created by Davros, the Daleks are the mutated remains of the Kaled people from the planet Skaro, who are enclosed within tank-like casings with technology capable of destroying Time Lords and controlling the universe.

The Daleks main aim is to take over the world and exterminate all other life apart from their own and over many years they have wiped out entire star systems and civilisations.

With nearly impenetrable shields, Daleks never take prisoners preferring lethal methods driven purely by hate, their technology allows them to replicate easily, producing an army of a seemingly unlimited number.

The Beast

What can be scarier than Satan himself? The Beast has been described as a demon older than the creation of The Doctor’s universe.

The Beast’s physical appearance is also one that will haunt nightmares, with ram-like horns adorning a gruesome corpse-like face, with blood red skin.

A ferocious killer with a cunning and narcissistic nature, The Beast can possess a person’s mind causing strange symbols to appear on the victim’s skin, and also has the power of telepathy, telekinesis and is a soothsayer.

The Cybermen

Cybermen were a homogenous race devoid of emotions, formerly Mondasians, when the planet Mondas was devastated and frozen after drifting out of the solar system. The failing organic parts of the Mondasians were replaced with cybernetics to help them survive.

The result was a cold, cruel and completely logical machine that believed that everyone should be free of the burden of thoughts and emotions, making it their mission to take over the galaxy, converting humans and similar species into Cybermen.

Over the years, the Cybermen evolved, becoming sleeker, faster and more dangerous, able to electrocute anything that stood in their way with a single touch, they also often had various weapons inbuilt into their framework, which led to many battles with multiple Doctors.

The Silence

The Silence are a religious order created to prevent the oldest question in the universe from being answered and a prophecy that could restart the Time War from being fulfilled.

The prophecy stated: “On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a Question will be asked, a question that must never, ever be answered.”

The question was “Doctor who?” which, if answered, would signal to the Time Lords that it is safe to return to the universe from the pocket realm the Doctor placed them in to stop the Time War.

The Silence had the crucial task of preventing The Doctor from answering the question and thwarting the Time Lords return to the universe.

The Silence are faceless with alien-like features and have the ability to manipulate other species into confessing their secrets and doing their bidding, with the memory of the Silence erased once the individual looks away from them.

The Creature from Midnight

The entity form on the planet Midnight is so obscure and shrouded in secrecy that even the Doctor had no knowledge of it; the creature was never given a name, or any other form other than a shadow.

The creature from Midnight had the ability to evolve at a rate that made it hard to track and had the ability to possess humans.

The Midnight entity was so strong it paralysed The Doctor and stole his voice, forcing him to copy the entity’s speech, rendering him helpless.

The Vashta Nerada

Described by The Doctor as the piranhas of the air, Vashta Nerada are microscopic organisms that collect together in swarms that number in the thousands and can strip a creature of its flesh in less than a second, making them a potent threat.

Individually, the Vashta Nerada are harmless, but in large numbers they become sentient and usually live in the shadows, mimicking the shadows of their prey making them imperceptible.

The light slows the Vashta Nerada down and they can only be seen in the light by the shadow they cast, which seems to come from nothing.

They’re so dangerous, The Doctor believed they had no weakness and the only thing you could do was run. 


Labelled Boneless by The Doctor, the 2-D creature, made up of a mass of transparent moving tendrils, can only move across flat surfaces.

They have the ability to reduce 3-D objects and people into 2-D dimensions simply by touch, flattening the victim against the surface they are standing on, resulting in a painful death.

To learn more about the physical dimensions of their victim, the Boneless would dissect the flattened remains and would sometimes use the victim’s skin as a camouflage, creating warped 3-D versions of the victim.

Their presence also leaches dimensional energy from nearby sources, including the Tardis, reducing it in size and draining it of power.

The Flood

The Flood is a viral species that has a physical form of water and can infect all biological life that contains water, it causes the infected victim to constantly expel water, develop cracked skin and blackened teeth.

The more the infection took hold the weaker the victim became, becoming almost walking corpses that could no longer speak, except in gurgling snarls and high-pitched screams.


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Doctor Who has caused fans many a sleepless night, with the Doctor going up against some nightmare-inducing monsters.