Launch date announced for Doctor Who spinoff Class

The show launches with a double episode, released simultaneously on the channel.

Class is set in Coal Hill School, a regular time-travelling hotspot since the Doctor first arrived there in 1963.

Years of time travel have caused the barrier between space and time to wear dangerously thin, and something frightening has been waiting on the other side…

The series is darker than previous Doctor Who spin off The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures, and is suggested to be more in line with adult sci-fi hit Torchwood.

BBC Three heads to Class with Doctor Who spin off

Class, BBC Three, Katherine Kelly

Coal Hill School has been a regular site of alien activity since Doctor Who began in 1963, and all those years of time-travel have caused the barriers between time and space to start wearing dangerously thin, and something frightening is waiting on the other side.

This young adult drama is being created by young adult writer Patrick Ness, and will star The Night Manager, Happy Valley and Mr Selfridge actor Katherine Kelly as a Coal Hill teacher.