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Channel 4 announces new sitcom from the creator of Friday Night Dinner

I Hate You sees two twenty-somethings, Charlie (Sex Education’s Tanya Reynolds) and Becca (Melissa Saint), navigate their complicated friendship in today’s complicated world.

The pair have the definition of a love-hate relationship, one minute revelling in their in-jokes, the next bickering deep into the night.

Perhaps because the two are opposites. Charlie’s an anxious misanthrope whose room is ‘shittery’, while Becca is a little too confident and impulsive, but whose room is spotless.

Candice Carty-Williams’ Queenie to be adapted for Channel 4

Candice Carty-Williams (credit: Channel 4)

The eight-part series will follow 25-year-old Queenie Jenkins, a Jamaican British straddler of both cultures, a South London stalwart, journalist, loyal friend, not so loyal daughter, occasional mess and an undervalued success.

Working at a national newspaper, where she’s frequently forced to compare herself to her white, middle-class peers, and having recently gone through a tough breakup with her long-term white boyfriend Tom, Queenie begins looking for comfort in all the wrong places, with all the wrong people.

Channel 4 announces cast for Steve Coogan and Sarah Solemani’s new dramedy Chivalry

Written by and starring Steve Coogan and Sarah Solemani, Chivalry will explore the hot topic of gender politics in the #MeToo era in the film and television industries.

Wanda Sykes (Blackish) stars as astute studio executive Jean Shrill, who arranges for indie filmmaker Bobby Sohrabi (Solemani) to take over as director of “A Little Death”, a problematic movie produced by Cameron O’Neill (Coogan).

Cameron is striving to keep his name in lights but the threat of cancel culture looms large.

Claudia Winkleman to host new gameshow One Question

Credit: Channel 4

The six-part series will see contestants try to win a prize of £100,000 by answering only one question.

There will be twenty possible answers but only one correct answer. The contestants must eliminate the incorrect answers to show them the path to victory, but if they eliminate one correct answer it will be game over. 

Claudia Winkleman commented: “I am ridiculously excited about One Question. There’s no time limit, no buzzers, no complicated rules. A sofa, a chat, just one question that could win our players £100,000. Not only that, we give them the answer. 

Tinie Tempah to host housing series Outrageous Extensions

Credit: Channel 4

The four-part series will follow Brits as they attempt to build some of the most audacious dream homes ever seen. 

Tempah has his own extensive property portfolio and knows how difficult home renovations can be. The typical cost of an extension ranges from £16k to £55k, but these extensions are far from ordinary.

With year-long builds and million-pound budgets, these extraordinary renovations aren’t just about increasing square footage but about realising a dream.  

Dara Ó Briain to host new Channel 4 quiz show offering £1 million prize

(credit: Channel 4)

Produced by Mighty Productions Scotland, the six-part series will see teams of three players start with £1 million and attempt to correctly answer seven general knowledge questions to keep the jackpot intact. Every right answer locks in a digit of the One and Six Zeros jackpot. Every wrong answer, however, loses a zero from the prize fund, and the money can quickly decline from £1 million to £100.

After three questions the team is then reduced to two players. After five questions, only one player remains to answer the final two questions and secure the prize money.

Levelling up: How much could privatisation change Channel 4’s remit?

As the broadcaster continues to expand its presence and role outside of London, with a focus on Leeds, Bristol, Glasgow and Birmingham; there are concerns that progress in on and off-screen representation and the wider economic benefits of this policy will be lost if privatisation goes ahead. Meanwhile others argue that ' levelling up' should not be the responsibility of a broadcaster, but of government, regardless of the ownership model.


David Elstein, former Chief Executive, Channel 5