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Channel 4 commissions The Dog Academy

(Credit: Channel 4)

The Dog Academy will follow some of Britain’s most uncontrollable and unruly dogs and their stressed-out owners. 

Britain’s top specialist dog trainers will pass on their knowledge of dog management skills and dog psychology to desperate owners looking to manage their dogs and build positive, happy relationships with them.

The dogs and their owners will be given separate training before coming back together to see if they can learn to live together harmoniously with the new skills they’ve learnt. 

AJ Odudu hosts new hairstyling series The Big Blow Out

Lisa Farrall, AJ Odudu, Sam McKnight (Credit: BBC)

The eight-part series will pit 11 experienced and passionate hairstylists against each other to showcase their creative talent in a series of extravagant and dramatic hair challenges. 

Each episode will follow the stylists as they take part in two creative challenges that will push them to the limit. 

For the first challenge they will need to impress real clients with specific styling demands against the clock, before letting their imagination run wild to produce sensational, gravity-defying creations in the ‘Masterpiece’ challenge.

Channel 4 commissions Make Me Prime Minister

Everyone has opinions on how our politicians run the country, and comments are often made that we could do a better job. However, who really has what it takes to run the country and get people to stay loyal to you as you rise to the top?

In the six-part series, 12 ordinary people with strong opinions that span across the political spectrum will put their skills to the test to see if they can survive in the vicious world of politics.

Channel 4 commissions Scared of the Dark

Credit: Channel 4

There are around 10 million people in the UK scared of the dark, a phobia known as Nyctophobia. Channel 4 will team up with a group of celebrities to see if they can control their primal fears and bond as a group without the normal social cues. 

The six-part series will follow famous faces as they enter a pitch-black reality space for seven days, living in complete darkness and managing the challenges of light deprivation. 

Channel 4 agrees partnership with YouTube

The partnership is part of Channel 4’s mission to become a digital first broadcaster for younger audiences. 

The deal will mean that hundreds of hours of Channel 4 and E4 hit shows such as 8 Out Of 10 CatsSAS: Who Dares Wins and The Dog House will be available on YouTube.            

Channel 4 will also be able to sell its own advertising around the shows, allowing an increase in new revenue streams.

Channel 4 commissions Alan Carr’s Adventures With Agatha Christie

Credit: Channel 4

As a long-time fan of Christie, Carr is off to discover the places that inspired one of the best-selling novelists of all time.

His journey will celebrate Christie’s novels that are uniquely British in a way that is hard to find in modern Britain today. 

Full of adventures, glamour, twists and turns, Carr escaped into Christie’s novels while growing up in Northampton in the 1980s. 

TV Diary: Channel 4's Shaminder Nahal

No one can take their eyes off Olivia Colman, fabulous in a black tuxedo and thick eyeliner. I’m at the Bafta Television Craft Awards with my colleague Ngozi Ubaka. I spot Sophie Willan, and can’t resist telling her what a fan I am of the RTS-award-winning Alma’s Not Normal. Gratifyingly, she says she loves Grayson’s Art Club.

I catch a word with Jack Thorne, and Ruth Madeley, so brilliant in the recent Then Barbara Met Alan. We discuss the exciting project she and I are working on together, which I can’t yet reveal.

Alex Brooker to host Channel 4’s Hobby Man

Credit: Channel 4

During lockdown many people picked up new hobbies and gave more attention to old ones to keep them busy and active. 

The four-part series Hobby Man will follow Brooker as he partners up with some famous faces, including comedian, writer and actor Joe Wilkinson, TV personality Scarlett Moffat, Inbetweeners star Joe Thomas and celebrity chef Andi Oliver. 

Every episode will see Brooker and his celebrity friend try to master three hobbies, from the traditional to the more obscure. 

Channel 4 commissions Paul Hollywood Eats Mexico

Credit: Channel 4

Mexico is well known as a gastronomical hub, with food being a key part of Mexican life and culture. 

A common misconception is that fajitas, nachos and burritos are Mexican, when they were actually invented in the USA, and Paul Hollywood is ready to discover the real food of Mexico.

Mexico is the country that invented chocolate, has the most dangerous fruit in the world and still uses recipes from thousands of years ago. 

They are also known for a particular style of baking known as pan dulce, which literally translates as sweet breads. 

The W Series is set to return to Channel 4 and All 4

Credit: Channel 4

The W Series is the international single seater motor racing championship for women.

It allows drivers to be selected purely on their ability with the cars all being mechanically identical, so the driver's skill is what matters. 

Launched in October 2018, the series removes the financial barriers that can often stop riders from moving up the ranks in motorsport. 

Channel 4 will show the highlights of all ten W Series races, starting with the first race in Miami on 7 May.