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Channel 4 commissions new coming-of-age series Dance School

Lisa Holdsworth and Theresa Ikoko (credit: Channel 4)

Created by Theresa Ikoko (Rocks) and Lisa Holdsworth (Call The Midwife), Dance School follows an eclectic group of dance students as they navigate the intense highs and lows of coming of age in today’s complex world.

Told through the eyes of the core friendship group and dance crew - Puppy, Kobby, Liam, Tim, Francesca, Tash and Nohail - Dance School captures their joyful, funny, raw and truthful stories. Heading up the LAH dance school is Jackie, a dynamic, determined, tough but passionate teacher who brings the group together.

TV Diary: Ian Katz

Credit: Channel 4

Wake up to an item on Radio 4’s Today about the shortage of HRT drugs. Women are resorting to trading them illegally in car parks. The Govern­ment has had to appoint an “HRT tsar”. A pharmaceutical executive explains it is partly to do with supply chain problems but mostly the result of a surge in demand triggered by a Channel 4 documentary presented by Davina McCall last year. 

Now Davina has made a follow-up film and people are worried that even more women will have the temerity to ask for treatment. 

Prison dramedy Screw renewed for second series

The series one finale saw tragedy strike C Wing at Long Marsh male prison, which leaves Leigh Henry (Nina Sosanya) and her beleaguered staff looking to make a fresh start.

But with changes at the very top and a fresh intake of both staff and prisoners, Leigh’s new bond with Rose (Jamie-Lee O’Donnell) will be tested to the limit.

The guards continue striving to improve the complex lives of those in their care, only for rumours of an undercover cop on the wing to upend the order and threaten to blow open a criminal plot involving at least one of the officers.

Channel 4 partners with SHOWTIME on new Brett Gelman comedy series

Brett Gelman (credit: Channel 4)

Created by Matt Morgan (Mister Winner), the series follows Gabe (Gelman), an American widower who is forced into close quarters with his British wife’s estranged family. In their crumbling gothic mansion in the English countryside, Gabe must get to know the family as they compete for his affections, and his newly inherited fortune.

Two Brothers Pictures, the company behind Fleabag, will produce the eight-episode series alongside SHOWTIME, with Harry Williams, Jack Williams and Sarah Hammond acting as executive producers.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen to explore UK’s most outrageous homes for Channel 4

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen (credit: Channel 4)

Celebrating the best of Britain’s visionaries, eccentrics and proud-to-be different homeowners, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen will bring his distinctly flamboyant interior design nous as he explores some extraordinary properties.

The four-part series will see LLB meet people who value originality when fearlessly decorating their homes with outlandish vision. Visiting properties across the UK with wild, wonderful and outrageous domestic décor, the host aims to discover why the homeowners dare to be so different with their designs, how they did it, and how much it all cost.

Kiell Smith-Bynoe on the acting grind, Ghosts series four and his new Comedy Blap Red Flag

It was the last day of Edinburgh Fringe Festival where he was performing in the improvised comedy show BattleActs! for the third year in a row, and he was trying to buy some drinks at the bar. But far from ruing the loss of the round, he was jubilant. “It’s the happiest card decline I’ve ever had,” he says, “because I remember just knowing […] that I was going to be in a show that I really loved.” You see, earlier that day, he was told he had been cast in Stath Lets Flats.

Channel 4 commissions The Dog Academy

(Credit: Channel 4)

The Dog Academy will follow some of Britain’s most uncontrollable and unruly dogs and their stressed-out owners. 

Britain’s top specialist dog trainers will pass on their knowledge of dog management skills and dog psychology to desperate owners looking to manage their dogs and build positive, happy relationships with them.

The dogs and their owners will be given separate training before coming back together to see if they can learn to live together harmoniously with the new skills they’ve learnt. 

AJ Odudu hosts new hairstyling series The Big Blow Out

Lisa Farrall, AJ Odudu, Sam McKnight (Credit: BBC)

The eight-part series will pit 11 experienced and passionate hairstylists against each other to showcase their creative talent in a series of extravagant and dramatic hair challenges. 

Each episode will follow the stylists as they take part in two creative challenges that will push them to the limit. 

For the first challenge they will need to impress real clients with specific styling demands against the clock, before letting their imagination run wild to produce sensational, gravity-defying creations in the ‘Masterpiece’ challenge.

Channel 4 commissions Make Me Prime Minister

Everyone has opinions on how our politicians run the country, and comments are often made that we could do a better job. However, who really has what it takes to run the country and get people to stay loyal to you as you rise to the top?

In the six-part series, 12 ordinary people with strong opinions that span across the political spectrum will put their skills to the test to see if they can survive in the vicious world of politics.

Channel 4 commissions Scared of the Dark

Credit: Channel 4

There are around 10 million people in the UK scared of the dark, a phobia known as Nyctophobia. Channel 4 will team up with a group of celebrities to see if they can control their primal fears and bond as a group without the normal social cues. 

The six-part series will follow famous faces as they enter a pitch-black reality space for seven days, living in complete darkness and managing the challenges of light deprivation.