Derry Girls

Winners of the RTS Programme Awards 2019 announced

Jodie Comer took home the Actor - Female award for her role in Killing Eve (Credit: RTS/Richard Kendal)

Guests in attendance included the cast of Hollyoaks and Coronation Street, star of Killing Eve and Actor (Female) winner Jodie Comer and legendary actress Lesley Manville, who picked up the award for Comedy Performance - Female for Mum.

Jodie Comer's iconic performance in Killing Eve won her the Actor - Female award, with Lucian Msamati winning the Actor - Male award for his harrowing and extraordinary portrayal of Tobi in Kiri.

Cultures collide in Daniel Lawrence Taylor's new series Boarders

Five schoolchildren look around at their school, disorientated

As five scholarship students nervously enter their prestigious new boarding school, mentor Gus – played by the show’s writer and creator, Daniel Lawrence Taylor – offers some wise words: “Don’t be who they expect you to be.” Our leads duly oblige, and that motto applies to Boarders itself. Entering unusual territory in television, the culture-clash series roams freely between high laughs, subtle observations and heavy drama, surprising us every step of the way.

Channel 4 releases first look images of Nicola Coughlan and Lydia West in new comedy Big Mood

Eddie and Maggie, the characters in Big Mood, stand side-by-side in fancy dress

The six-part series centres around best friends Eddie (West) and Maggie (Coughlan). Their relationship has endured a decade of highs and lows, but now, the real world is calling. Both need to consider their careers, while Maggie has to contend with the unwelcome return of bipolar disorder.

Eddie and Maggie sit on a sofa, hand-in-hand and looking distraught
Credit: Channel 4

Channel 4 commissions new comedy thriller from writer of Derry Girls

Like Derry Girls, McGee’s new comedy focuses on a Northern Irish female friendship group, but this time one in their late thirties. Robyn, Saoirse and Dara have been friends since high school. Now, Robyn is a mother with three young boys and a penchant for swearing, Saoirse is a successful writer who can’t help but self-destruct, and Dara still lives in her childhood bedroom whilst caring for her elderly parent full-time.

James Martin honoured at RTS Northern Ireland Television Awards

The black comedy about two estranged brothers was shot in Northern Ireland.

Martin, the first leading man with Down’s syndrome to appear in an Oscar-winning film, said: “It’s absolutely wonderful to receive this recognition in my home town. I hope my success encourages more young people like me to follow their dreams as I did.”

In March, Martin took home the Outstanding Newcomer prize at the RTS Republic of Ireland Awards.

Lisa McGee talks Derry Girls, coffin-side humour and her next project

Lisa McGee stood in front of Derry Girls murial

Ordinary people, like the four girls and a “wee English fella” who form the Derry Girls. The tale of Erin (Saorise Monica-Jackson), Michelle (Jamie-Lee O’Donnell), Orla (Louise Harland), Clare (Nicola Coughlan), and James (Dylan Llewellyn), growing up and navigating sexuality, friendship, and drugged scones has resonated with viewers from the USA, Great Britain, and even Martin Scorsese.

TV Diary: Ian Katz

Credit: Channel 4

Wake up to an item on Radio 4’s Today about the shortage of HRT drugs. Women are resorting to trading them illegally in car parks. The Govern­ment has had to appoint an “HRT tsar”. A pharmaceutical executive explains it is partly to do with supply chain problems but mostly the result of a surge in demand triggered by a Channel 4 documentary presented by Davina McCall last year. 

Now Davina has made a follow-up film and people are worried that even more women will have the temerity to ask for treatment. 

If you're missing Euphoria, here’s what to watch next

Clockwise: Yellowjackets (Sky), Euphoria (Sky), Gossip Girl (BBC), The End of the F***ing World  (Channel 4)

Created and written by Sam Levinson, the dark drama starring Zendaya has caused a stir due to the graphic scenes that depict the nature of addiction, mental health, toxic masculinity, sex, trauma and social media with raw honesty.

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