RTS Midlands Centre Awards 2016


Best Promotional Programme

  • This Award recognises production excellence and creativity in programmes intended either for general or specialised audiences made either for corporate purposes or retail/mail order sale.

  • They may have promotional, public information, training, educational, entertainment, special interest or other purposes.

  • They must not have been broadcast other than as an insert to a separate programme

Watch RTS North West Student Awards Conference: Engaging with the media

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A panel informed budding students about how to break into the media industry. 

BBC's Arif Ansari said: "Identify one or two reporters who you admire and try to work what they do and how do they put their pieces together.

"Try to be as flexible as you can be about where you're willing to work."

Top TV ideas are everywhere

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Ideas for great TV are everywhere. The concept for Channel 4’s Gogglebox is believed to have come from a runner.

A researcher is said to have thought of the idea that became ITV’s Saturday Night Takeaway.   

At an RTS Futures event, Introduction to TV Development, a panel of top development executives gave tips on how to develop and pitch ideas.