How to succeed in sound, with sound supervisor Louise Wilcox

After beginning her career as a shorthand typist, a chance encounter led Willcox to make the leap into sound, an interest of hers since the age of 13.

Now, after over 30 years working on programmes such as Springwatch, the British Grand Prix, and Children in Need, Willcox is an authority in her field.

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Speakers included:

Rupert Houseman, an editor on cutting-edge documentaries such as Life and Death Row with Yan Miles, a drama editor who has worked on shows such as Game of Thrones and Sherlock

Sound Engineer Emma Penny, who has mixed sound for ITN, with Location Recordist Louise Willcox has supervised sound recording on Springwatch and Question Time.

Our Friend in the West: Mike Gunton

Mike Gunton

Last week, I was standing in a fly-fishing shop in a small town in Montana telling the owner I worked for the BBC Natural History Unit. "Oh, so you're from Bristol," was his reply.

OK, he was a wildlife fan and did then ask if David Attenborough was my neighbour, but it does illustrate that Bristol and the NHU's reputation go far and wide.

I joined in my late twenties to work on the Attenborough blockbuster The Trials of Life. I thought I'd stay for the three years it took to make the series and then move on.