Reese Witherspoon

Legally Blonde prequel series ordered by Amazon

The 2001 film Legally Blonde followed Elle after her boyfriend Warner Huntington III, an aspiring senator, broke up with her because she wasn’t “serious” enough for that kind of world. This sparked the famous line: “So you’re breaking up with me because I’m too… blonde?!”

To prove him wrong, Elle enrols in Harvard Law School alongside him (“what, like it’s hard?”) and graduates top of the class.

The new series, Elle, will focus on the high school years that crafted Woods into the star we saw in Legally Blonde.

What's new on social media this month?

TikTok screen wipes

TikTok has allowed any of us to become social media famous, with the app showcasing new talent surfacing from viral trends that anyone can participate in.

One of the most popular trends is the #WipeItDown challenge, which shows users as their normal selves in a mirror before wiping the mirror down to reveal a surprising alternative image.

Stars such as Jason Derulo and Will Smith have had fun with the trend. The videos are set to the song Wipe It Down by BMW Kenny and Theelboy.


Teaser released for new Apple TV+ series The Morning Show

Jennifer Anniston (Credit: Apple)

One of the first original series, comedy-drama The Morning show, has pulled in big names Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell in starring roles.

Anniston and Witherspoon will play two of the biggest names in US breakfast telly, helping to wake up the people of America every day. 

A teaser for the upcoming series has been released featuring the voices of Carell, Witherspoon and Anniston.

During the video, each give their own unique take on what makes good TV news, while the camera pans around an empty newsroom.