Michael Colyer

RTS Young Technologist Michael Colyer: Treading the path to formats unknown

IBC 2015

"Ensure you are wearing comfortable shoes" read the last line of the email sent to me from the RTS regarding what I’d need for my first ever IBC experience. With that - I slipped on my new smart shoes I’d bought from Topman the day before to try and ‘look the part’ before setting sail for Heathrow’s Terminal Five. It was just a few short hours later that the service 4 tram pulled in to Station RAI and I got my first look at the venue. “Ah,” I thought to myself as that last line re-read itself in my mind, “really wish I’d had a chance to bed these in”.

'Schools must promote technical careers' says RTS Young Technologist

Michael Colyer

Hello, I’m Michael Colyer – and recently I won the RTS Young Technologist 2015 award. Needless to say, I was honoured to receive the prize and very much look forward to attending IBC later in the year to gain a greater understanding of where our industry may be heading.